Nick Carter Interview Of Radio Music Awards

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(Toby introduces Willa saying he lost his voice so he’s getting her to co-host…blah blah blah)
T: What’s going on Dog?
N: Whats up man?
T: Good to see you again, You know we love you man, hows everything been?
N: Whats that?
T: Hows everything been?
N: It’s been really good you know I been.. *something muffled, giggles* I’m stuffing candy and your asking me questions! No, Its been great you know, I’ve been in the studio recording. I’m just trying to like you know go back to the drawing board.

T: Hey listen, we were talking to Howie yesterday and he said you guys were going back in the studio, You’d had numerous conversations about it and its actually going to happen
N: Y’know we’ve been having numerous conversations off and on and I think the thing that we’re trying to establish here is when we will get in the studio.. I think. I’m going to definitely be working on my album, I’m going to London in like a week (WooHoo!) I’m gonna be there for a month, I’m gonna try and get that stuff taken care of, so I’m gonna make sure I get that all squared, I’m gonna get that done and then y’know definitely get another album with the guys y’know I really.. I, the one thing though, I don’t know if you’ve heard, AJ really wants to do a solo album, Brian’s doing a Christian album so I think that will definitely be in progress, where we each individually solidify ourselves as people who have our own name as solo artists, but we definitely want to get back in the studio
T: Dude, I’m excited to hear whats gonna happen, I’m excited to have you here, I’m excited about what we’re gonna be doing later on
W: He looks good too, He’s had his hair gelled! (I think that’s what she said!) *laughs*
T: *laughs* Why you blushing?! As we wrap this up I just wanna say that its really damn cool that you two are hanging out, here’s my co- host for the day
W: It took a while…Yeah, we… Yeah (?! lol)
T: And its cool that friends can come out of everything.. that’s love
N: Well, y’know what, we ‘Tampinians’…
N: …I, Y’know, I, You can’t stay enemies for long, y’know, you gotta get out there and support them Bucs, y’know, together
T: Ah yeah, how ’bout it. What happened with the cowboys? Oh we gotta calm down, the Dallas radio stations, down there *laughs* You know how the Texans get
N: I got mad love for Dallas but y’know uh… sorry
T: Alright man, I’m all about Warren Sapp!….Alright, Nick Carter, good to see you if you need anything you know FLZ is there for ya bro

Well what do you know??!! That’s pretty much what I think is said. I Can hear it pretty well with my headphones so its pretty close but forgive me if there are corrections that need to be made! Enjoy!

Btw, everything in (..) is me in case you hadn’t noticed lol!

And can I just add that I don’t think I’ve written “y’know” so many times in my life!!!!! Gotta love him

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3 thoughts on “Nick Carter Interview Of Radio Music Awards

  1. Stallion says:

    Nick you really need to give it up everybody knows the Backstreet Boys are over(Thank you god) so why are you even bothering making another solo album. NON was a HUGE FLOP (because it was a sh**ty album) and I don’t see why you have to punish people ears by making another solo album that is probably going to be a flop just like NON. I’m just happy that the Backstreet Boys are over and Nick Farter is a failure

  2. clayfan says:

    Stallion has reached a new low … what an ass. Didn’t think it was possible.

  3. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    What’s funny is you say you don’t care about the BSB, is glad they’re over, etc, yet you comment on every article. Sounds like somebody is a closet fan…Hmm.

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