Nick Carter Is Cool With Justin Timberlake

Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter addressed the perceived rivalry with of *NSYNC as both prepare to drop their debut solo albums. Nick tells Radio 1, “First of all, the kind of music I’m doing is more rock/pop and his is more like pop/R&B. So, you know, it’s two different worlds, you know what I’m sayin’? I’m cool with Justin, I’m cool. I ain’t got no problems with him.” He added, “I’m sure everybody’s gonna try to compare it and say ‘ooh, here’s the next rival’. When you start to get involved in the whole rival thing, it tends to take away from the creativity of the music… what you’re doing it for in the first place.”

Multiple Versions Of ‘Justified’ To Be Available

October 1, 2002 – Justin Timberlake’s official site reports the *NSYNC star will have two versions of his debut album ‘Justified’ hitting stores on November 5th. The regular jewel box version and the limited edition digi-pack version. Both versions will offer the exact same music content and include a twenty four panel fold out poster featuring various photographs of Justin. Once the limited digi-pack supply runs out, only the jewel box version will be available. For all you turntablists, there will also be a double album vinyl version of Justified in stores on November 12th.

On The Cover Of Seventeen Mag

October 1, 2002 – *NSYNC star Justin graces the cover of the new Seventeen magazine, while also includes a Justin poster. The cover says, “Why is Justin smiling? Hint: He’s over Britney, into his Harley, and oh yeah, he’s got a solo CD.”

Nick’s ‘Help Me’ Video Beats Out Justin’s

September 29, 2002 –’s previous poll asking readers if you prefer the solo debut video from *NSYNC’s or Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter had most voting for Nick. ‘Help Me’ received 63.5% of the vote, while Timberlake’s ‘Like I Love You’ only received 36.5%. Our latest poll asks which pop diva is least friendly to her fans.

Justin Timberlake Spotted Golfing With Alyssa Milano

September 29, 2002 – Contributed by dum_BLONDE: In the latest issue of People magazine (with Rosie O’Donnell on the cover), there is a photo of Justin golfing with rumored girlfriend Alyssa Milano, who is spotted in the background on a shared golf cart.

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2 thoughts on “Nick Carter Is Cool With Justin Timberlake

  1. YourMom says:

    Thank you, Nick! Now if only the fans (on both sides) would see things this way. Nick is trying to set a great example. It’d be nice if all this back and forth could stop.

  2. dreamish says:

    yeah, Nick and Justin have repeatedly said that everything is cool between them. i think its great that they’re trying to at least make an effort about stopping the whole rivalry thin. good for both of them!

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