Nick Carter Isn’t Perfect; Isn’t An Abuser Either

Contributed by AiRMERiCAxAO:

Okay guys. Now please, look at the facts. All the articles against are from TABLOIDS. STAR magazine? Please! If stuff like Nick had touched Lindsay or beat Paris had really happened, don’t you think it would go farther from a supermarket tabloid? When Jane and Bob Carter got a divorce, it was all over, but this can’t make it farther than Star!

Everyone saying that Nick did this is looking at the articles. If it was their favorite celebrity, they’d be saying it was bullsh**–and if it was from STAR or Nation Enquirer, it would be. Look beyond the articles. Look at the fact that Paris’ bruises that appeared in late July were supposedly made July 30th or 31st. Three days later, they were gone. Even minor bruises take weeks to completely heal. Bruises that large do not just appear and disappear. Explanation? They were much, much older that let on (unlikely, considering of how deep in color they were) or that they were MAKE-UP. The drama teacher at my school did that last year and they looked real. Point-blank, it’s impossible that those were real bruises, or that they weren’t taken July 31st.

Second of all, why bring in Nick’s family? It was PROVEN that Bob never hit Jane. Angel, Aaron AND Nick testified this. JANE is the only one from that family accused of anything remotely violent.

How do you go twenty-four years without having one accusation of violence? It is really a coincidence that Star posted all these after a GOSSIP article appeared in the NYP? No, it’s not. Star is riding off the only thing they deem necessary for their crapfest-GOSSIP. Tabloids. They’re not known for printing true stories.

If Nick harassed Lindsay Lohan, you damn well better believe it’d be out. So haters, look at the facts and remember that is a person too-much like your own favorite celebrity.

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