Nick Carter Just Wants To Be Cool

Contributed anonymously:

I’m sure Nick Carter likes Paris Hilton, she’s really pretty, but I think he likes her because she’s Paris Hilton. In my opinion, he’ll never be that big. He’ll never be Justin Timberlake, but Nick thinks he can get a lot of attention by dating Paris. He thinks he’ll be on Us Weekly all the time, and his romance with Paris will be like and Justin’s was. I’m sorry, but Nick is too lame and cheesy to get attention for dating anyone.

He could get married then get the marriage annulled 55 hours later and three people would care. It’s Paris that the tabloids are trying to keep up with: I mean her sex tape, then ‘The Simple Life’, plus she doesn’t know how to stay home and not go to a party. Did anyone see the MTV Movie Awards pre show? He kissed her when the cameras were there. I’m sure it was to show that they were still together, but also to make himself look big. He needs that.

His career since Backstreet Boys hasn’t gone anywhere. Lastly, I don’t think Paris is too good for him, but I don’t think she needs to date NICK CARTER to become even more famous. She could date Andy Dick or Pauly Shore and be famous.

The reason I feel so strongly is because I don’t like Nick Carter. I never liked him, not with Backstreets Boys and obviously not now. I just think he’s so lame.

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