Nick Carter & Justin Timberlake Solo Efforts Reviewed

Contributed by elgato:

The Village Voice compared Nick Carter and Justin Timberlake’s solo efforts. The article compares their motives for going solo, their wardrobe, and their music. In their solo efforts, Carter is “counting on sincerity” while Timberlake “is running mostly on ego.” Justin dresses as if he wants to be “Astaire, Elvis, and Michael all at once.” Nick opts for the less-diva look going for “vintage car in T-shirt, jeans, and beat-up sneakers.” Justin has a hit with ‘Cry Me a River’ though it is a “a lousy Aaliyah impression.” Nick has the “beautifully derivative ‘Girls in the U.S.A’ hit,” reminiscent of the song ‘California Girls.’ The critique finishes by comparing the boys’ respective groups saying “The Backstreet Boys conducted themselves as clean messengers. They smiled, expressed the lyrics, nailed the harmonies, and pleased the audience.” *NSYNC were more “self-absorbed” looking like “autistic Tourette’s sufferers when they danced, dazzling with hard work over substance.” The full article at has since been removed.

Justin Timberlake Approves Of Alyssa Milano’s New Home

November 30, 2002 – Globe magazine reports Alyssa Milano just bought a home in Benedict Canyon, close to her lover Justin. The $1.2 million home features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and is 2,000 square feet. Before purchasing, Justin toured the home and gave her the thumbs up. The home features proper zoning to allow her to ride her three horses as well.

Timberlake And Family At Grizzlies Game Friday

November 30, 2002 – Contributed by InnosentDevil27: *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake was at the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Memphis Grizzlies game on Friday in Memphis. Timberlake was there with his family where the Lakers won 112-106.

Chris Kirkpatrick Says Justin Timberlake’s A Quick Healer

November 30, 2002 – Access Hollywood asked *NSYNC star Chris Kirkpatrick about the injury suffered by his bandmate Justin. Chris says Justin is “better.” He added, “He broke his foot, and he had to cancel some appearances. He was going over to Europe and he had a lot of stuff to do, but luckily he’s a quick healer.”

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One thought on “Nick Carter & Justin Timberlake Solo Efforts Reviewed

  1. carrie says:

    I am actually proud that Nick’s music was riding on pure sincerity and his true personality. It may not have sold big numbers like JT but he tried his luck and that was a really good record. All the songs were really good. I think that is what musicians should aspire to be. Produce honest quality music and be true to self instead of imitating all these other greats. I actually respect Nick more because his fans did not buy into the whole showbiz affair like JT’s. That was more cooler and he’s so much cuter! :-)

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