Nick Carter ‘Now or Never’ Review

Reviewer: danica00

said that he wanted to make a pop rock records and he succeeded. “Now or Never” is a great fun album that mixes ’80’s pop rock with new school rock and a bit of pop. It talks about what any 22-year old knows about, having fun, girls, and still more girls! Girls, from the ones he loves, the one he hopes would love him back, to the downright devious, and Nick sings to them, and to us perfectly. This record shows that he’s a very versatile vocalist, each song has a different vocal treatment, from “Help Me”‘s raspy vocals to the sensual tone of Miss America.

He’s also showing his songwriting chops in this record. Not usually considered the best songwriter in the Backstreet Boys, he proves that he has the makings to be one of the best. Standout NC co-writes are “Do I Have To Cry For You”, “My Confession” and “I Stand For You”.

What’s most impressive about the album is that just when you think: “That’s gotta be the best song in the album!”, then comes the next track and you’ll have the same thought once again. It just overwhelms you. A lot of people can sing but only a handful has that ability to make you feel what he/she is singing about and takes you to another place, and has that ability. Just like when it seems like you’re in outer space listening to “I Got You”, the production is excellent but it’s Nick’s voice that draws you in. The album has cohesion but is is far from monotonous, each song has its own special quality.

A lot of people are skeptical about this solo project from the start. Well, doubt no more ’cause has just proven that he’s got what it takes to do it on his own.

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