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Ice from the website Dirty Little Secrets (DLS) has posted a transcript of Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter’s interview with Mix 93.3. In the interview, which took place on Friday (December 6), Carter was asked what people could expect from him. His response was “Dude..put it this way, it ain’t nothing you’ve ever seen before…it’s wild”. Read on for an entire transcript.

Matt: Nick carter is finally on the phone with me…What’s up dude

Nick: What’s up Matt

Matt: How ya doing bro

Nick: Chilling out…How ya doing

Matt: I’m alright you are in.. where…Milwaukee

Nick: Yup Milwaukee

Matt: How’s life been

Nick: Busy… whole year has been dedicated to nothing but working

Matt: yeah, on the cd…which is in stores now man..are you impressed with the new cd?

Nick: I’m very happy with’s exactly where I wanna be

Matt: when I listened to it, the first thing I noticed I thought it had
a lot of rock influence..older rock influences. Bryan Adams rock influence, I even heard a little of Def Lepperd influence in you feel that yourself?

Nick: well of course..your influences are what we are today ya know what I’m sayin

Matt: you’re coming to Kansas City for Jingle Jam#4

Nick: Yup

Matt: Have you been here before?

Nick: uhm Kansas City, I’ve been to Kansas city a bunch of times yeah with the boys, but not by myself.

Matt: So you’re gonna come out and do your thing by yourself now

Nick: yeah I can’t wait to come man…trust me I’m bringing my band and everybody.. we’re gonna rock it.

Matt: I love it, what can people expect from the Nick Carter Show

Nick: Dude..put it this way, it ain’t nothing you’ve ever seen before…it’s wild

Matt: you gonna come, you gonna do some old stuff, some new stuff

Nick: you’re gonna see songs off my album, you might see me do a cover.. uhm some covers and stuff together..basically I put a tad of ten years knowledge of performing with the boys..I put a little bit
of that into my show..put together with my own influences and i basically come together with something that is pretty unique and different.

Matt: I love it man…it is Dec 10th memorial hall you’re playing with Life house, Craig David, Nora Jones, Uncle Kracker, DJ Sammy, and Mario and uhm some one from the American Idol tv show will be there. Any of those people folks you are kinda excited to meet?

Nick: uhmmm yeah..I wanna see them all man, they are pretty cool, I like all the acts there. Ya know I really uhm who was it..yeah Lifehouse, I like them.

Matt: wonderful man, I’ll let ya roll, enjoy your night and we’ll see ya Dec 10th for the Jingle Jam #4..

Nick: Alright baby…

Matt: Alright Nick Carter

Nick: See ya

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