‘Nick Carter Racing’ Boat Up For Sale

Contributed by elgato1019_1:

The world championship winning Nick Carter Racing boat, owned by none other than Nick Carter, is now up for sale. The Backstreet Boys star told JoJo from 102.7 KIIS-FM that now that his team has won the world championship in its first year of racing, he wants to get a boat in a higher class. In other words, he wants to race a boat that is bigger, faster, and more dangerous. Nick is even considering driving the boat. On a VH1 special, Nick even went as far as to challenge other celebrities by telling them to “Get a boat. See what ya got.” Nick’s current boat, which is up for sale, is a SuperVee described as having V-bottom, mono-hull 38-40′, 9,000 pounds, twin 510 cid engines, naturally aspirated, using Brodix spec heads, but any type of Demon carburetor, with a 7600 RPM limit.

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