Nick Carter Racing Wins Sarasota!

Contributed by BSBfanatic935:

Connie from the LiveDaily message board was in contact with one of the drivers, Marc LaFleur, of star ’s speedboat. Nick Carter Racing, which has recently been changed to El Diablo (not sure if that boat has started racing yet though), won frist place in their divison in Sarasota. Here’s what Connie had to say: “I just got off the phone with Marc, he is driving back home right now. Yesterday, I said it was pretty sure they would race, I found out they had alot of problems with the boat, they had to replace the outdrive 2 times, so they were quite busy rushing around to repair the boat.. Then this morning they ran before the race, and it went great.”

The race was delayed for about 45 minutes due to a manatee on the course, but after that, the race did get off. They were racing for Outlaw. Marc and Bob had a few minor problems, but in the end they took FIRST PLACE. Nick was there to see it, adn he was very excited about it. SO way to go Marc and Bob. They will be racing together again at the next race in NC.

As of right now, Nick is still in Sarasota, but later tonight or in the morning he’s driving down to Marathon for the week till he leaves for Illinois.”

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