Nick Carter Rocks Mexico City

Contributed by elgato: reviewed Nick Carter’s concert in Mexico City. The reviewer says, “If he would take a step, they’d scream, if he’d raise a hand, they’d scream; if he’d say Mexico, they’d scream some more; and if he said ‘my girls of Mexico’, then they’d break your ears, because for them, it was seeing now or never… In the 90 minute show that started at 9pm, Nicholas Gene Carter performed songs from his solo album and three acoustic versions of songs from the Backstreet Boys, some unheard songs and his band mate even played ‘La Cucaracha’. ‘¿Qué pasa México? vamos con más música’, he said at the beginning and with a poor Spanish, although, he did promise later on that he’d promised the last time he was here that he’d learn Spanish. The American had broken the record of ticket selling in this venue when in two days he sold 1965 tickets in an hour and a half. The still member of BSB filled the place not with young women but with throats that couldn’t stop screaming and singing.”

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