Nick Carter Says It Doesn’t Matter If Justin Timberlake Outsells Him

Entertainment Weekly has a short profile on Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter and his ‘Now or Never’ debut solo effort. Commenting on any competition with his boyband rival Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC, who is releasing ‘Justified’ the week following his October 29th release. “His record might do 10 times better than mine,” Carter said. “But it doesn’t matter to me as long as I’m happy with what I’ve done.”

Justin Timberlake Says ‘The Bubblegum Sound Is Old’

13, 2002 – bsb ninja on the forum took the time to type up the Justin article in Entertainment Weekly. The singer made a comment that has some *NSYNC fans fuming. “The bubblegum sound is old,” he said. “That’s obvious. You can’t do ‘Bye Bye Bye’ twice.” Meanwhile, *NSYNC manager Johnny Wright perhaps threw cold water on the group’s future saying, “the traditional five- member male pop vocal group is starting to fizzle.” They do say Wright anticipates there will be a new CD in the fourth quarter of 2003.

Timberlake Says He Still Has Faith In Bass In Space

13, 2002 – MuchMusic caught up with Justin Timberlake who says he still has faith in bandmate Lance Bass getting into space. “Until he’s sitting at his house and he calls and says ‘I’m not doing it,’ I will believe that he’s going,” said Timberlake. “I mean he wouldn’t be there [Houston] if there wasn’t a chance that he was gonna be going.”

Justin Timberlake Quoted On Various Topics

13, 2002 – has outtakes of Justin’s cover story in Entertainment Weekly. Besides photos, they have Justin address the *NSYNC star becoming the new Michael Jackson, going solo, songwriting, women, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Eminem, his influences, competing with Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, teen pop, his solo debut, and more. The photos and the quotes at have since been removed.

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6 thoughts on “Nick Carter Says It Doesn’t Matter If Justin Timberlake Outsells Him

  1. dum_BLONDE says:

    Wow. I seriously don’t know what to say, I mean its right on the tip of my tongue, lol. But if he’s that confident in his album then I know it will be amazing, whether Justin outsells it or not (which I’m sure he probably will). Can’t wait for the new cd!! God all these articles just make me want it more & more!

  2. FricksAngel2004 says:

    I never thought in a million years Nick would say something like that. I think that is very sweet and I hope people learn to respect him now. He isn’t gonna diss Justin by what he said, so please respect him as an artist. I agree with what all of you said. :)

  3. Dancer4Life says:

    Lets be real here. Nick seems like he already knows that Justin is going to sell more then him. Nick doesn’t seem to confident himself if you ask me. As for Justin’s girly voice. Nick has a very feminine sounding voice if you ask me. He has his parts where he can sound a little ‘girly’ too.

  4. BsBoy says:

    Of course Nick doesn’t care about sales. This is a SIDE PROJECT! Justin on the other hand is going all-out for a successful solo career. If he wasn’t he wouldn’t have made all those collabo’s on his album. Nick just wanted to do something on his own with no collaborations etc. He cares about the music and as he said he’s happy with the music he’s made. That’s all that matters. Record sales and Popularity are meaningless when it comes to music.

  5. backstreetluva says:

    Nick is soooo sweet! What he said about the record sales is VERY true!! It really doesn’t matter who does better b/c its ALL about the music! And nicks music is way better than Justin’s! i hope nick does do better thou because he IS better–and his songs kick a**!!!! Least he knows thou that if Justin does sell more–it wont matter. And nick is NOT fat–he’s PHAT–so get it right! lol….are you BSB fans excited for this next week when he’s going to be on making the video?!!!!! I AM!!

  6. mellowyellow says:

    I’m glad Nick said what he said, but I know that if Justin said the same thing people would be calling him a liar,etc. The poor guy just can’t win. Why do people keep saying that Justin just wants to go solo, but Nick is just doing a “project”. I don’t want to start crap, but it seems to me that it’s the other way around. Nick didn’t leave the Firm like the rest of BSB did, he recorded his album when BSB were supposed to be recording, he’s repeatedly commented on how depressed he was with BSB (i.e. Making of the Video commercial where he said there was a point with BSB where he was going down), he says he hasn’t seen his bandmates in months, etc. Justin on the other hand, waited until Nsync was on break, has made several appearances with them, continues to talk to them, and hasn’t done anything to alienate his bandmates. I don’t get how that makes Justin the bad guy. Am I missing something here? Or are you guys just blind?

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