Nick Carter Shacks Up With Paris Hilton

The New York Post reports Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter started shacking up with hotel heiress Paris Hilton after her hit reality show ‘The Simple Life’ was done filming. Carter seems to have taken the place of Trae Lindley, her Altus, Arkansas, boyfriend from ‘The Simple Life’ to whom she reportedly still owes about $600 after he bailed her and Richie out of trouble.

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10 thoughts on “Nick Carter Shacks Up With Paris Hilton

  1. popnicklover says:

    Why do the papers still call him “former member of the BSB”?!?!?! They’re gonna be recording again soon…get your facts straight! And just cause they were caught on camera hanging out together, doesn’t mean Nick is “shacking it up” with Paris. *rolls eyes and groans at New York Post*

    And even if this is true, well, then we’ll see how long it goes…

    Justin is so frigging nasty. Nick is hot. I can see why Paris would want him.

  2. KeysGurl305 says:

    music man you suck! I submitted this and that was NOT the title I submitted…lol anyways what’s so wrong with Nick and Paris hanging out?…I don’t think they’re dating but who knows!

    Just because they’re hanging out doesn’t actually mean they’re “shacking up” …but like I said who knows?!?! lol

  3. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I was wondering how long it would be before this nonsense would begin! I don’t think they’d ever date cause she thinks she’s too good for the whole world and Nick’s not that stupid anymore!

  4. justanotherbitch says:

    If this is true Paris is one desperate *****, I mean come on, she can do WAYYYYYYYYYYYY better than him. Nick is so nasty.

  5. eLgato says:

    ^ you call people disgusting, but I bet your picture is hideous. no wonder none of you nick-haters will post your picture.

  6. JessieJess618 says:

    Hope they got penicillin for Christmas, cause b/w the two of them sleeping around for years it’s bound to be a 2-person STD fiesta.

  7. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Nick doesn’t sleep around you *****! Lord, get your facts straight…’, ‘WHO has had like 5, FIVE, girlfriends this year….or at least since he split with Britney Spears? OH YES, THAT WOULD BE JUSTIN!

  8. dyin2bfamous says:

    I know why Paris would be considered disgusting but why is Nick disgusting, other than being fat. But I wouldn’t call him disgusting for being over weight.

  9. stallion says:

    We all know for a fact that Nick Carter and Paris Hilton aren’t going act for obvious reason. One reason is that Nick Carter is gay. Another reason is that Paris Hilton doesn’t date fat ass whose career are over. Nick love having sex with guys so does Paris Hilton that is the only thing they have in common and that is why they are hanging out

  10. RainWater says:

    It has nothing to do with his weight’, ‘It’s his attitude, his personality. He has that Justin Timberlake thing going, he thinks he’s better than other people. He seems like a man whore, I bet he does all those silly little groupies that follow him around like he’s a god. But as you love to say, this is just my opinion. Of course, I don’t know him personally.

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