Nick Carter Splits Up With Paris Hilton

star ended his romance with Paris Hilton on Thursday, Carter told People magazine. “This is the time of my life,” he explained. “I’m back in the studio ready to go on tour with the guys (Backstreet Boys). I want to be free to date other people and I got tired of all the rumors” of trouble in the relationship. Hilton’s reps could not immediately be reached for comment.

Paris Hilton’s Wedding Ring Doesn’t Mean Marriage

July 14, 2004 – In Touch Weekly reports that Paris flashed a ring on her wedding finger at the launch of her Heiress Records label in Bridgehampton, New York, but she says she’s not ready to marry Nick Carter. “My grandmother, who recently passed away, left it to me,” she revealed. She and Nick showed they weren’t ready to marry the next night, fighting at a club. “They came out of the men’s bathroom together, fighting,” an onlooker revealed. “But they made up.”

Nick And Paris Endure Anti-American Verbal Tirade

July 10, 2004 – Aftonbladet reports that and Paris Hilton were victim of an anti-American verbal attack from a Yogoslav man while shopping at a 7-11 in Stockholm, Sweden the other night. Inside the store a man came up to Nick and introduced himself. He immediately started going on about Paris, called her a whore and said that he doesn’t like Americans, said the store-worker David Rashid. After Nick started arguing with the man, Paris was scared and ran out to their black Mercedes. The discussion between Nick and the man had turned very loud and heated so the bodyguard Kent grabbed stepped in between and escorted Nick out to the car.

Paris Hilton Is Waiting For Nick Carter’s Marriage Proposal

July 10, 2004 – Paris spoke with Aftonbladet along with her boyfriend Nick, hinting she’d like to take their relationship to the ultimate step. “This is a love vacation. We will stay here for a week. Now I am only waiting for him to propose,” Paris said. Nick replied, “Propose? Who knows? Maybe? We’ve been together for soon eight months.”

Nick And Paris Want To Buy Apartment In Stockholm

July 10, 2004 – Nick Carter and girlfriend Paris Hilton tell Aftonbladet that they want to buy an apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. “I’m in love with Stockholm. I really love this city,” Paris said. Nick added, “We are planning next year to buy a place here. Where? We’re planning to buy an apartment downtown. We prefer the city to a house out in the country.”

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7 thoughts on “Nick Carter Splits Up With Paris Hilton

  1. Smile says:

    I’ve always had a feeling this was coming. It was the reason why I didn’t support their relationship 100% from the very beginning. She just isn’t the type of girl that I think Nick deserves. He can do better. Sorry if that steps on the toes of Paris’ fans, but that’s how I feel. I just hope he’s okay. I guess this could still not be true, but it seems like it is.

  2. texassoftballchick says:

    Well, it is impossible for egotistical two totals loser to co-exist and I am sure Nick is tired of Paris. It is like picking up chewed bubble gum and putting it in your mouth.

  3. galleta says:

    Well every one knew this was gonna happen they were just dating, I’m so happy they didn’t talk marriage good boy. Come on Nick was in it cause Paris open them legs so easily she’s always open for business, and Paris saw a good looking clean cut man that could help change her image she thought. Either way I sure hope he’s not too upset.

  4. MaracaTrn100885 says:

    I think Paris used him, because they just got back from Sweden for HER to get producers. so how bout you think about sh*it before you run at the mouth!

  5. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    What have I been saying? Ok, so it lasted a bit longer than 6 months, but not by much….. AND I said by the end of the summer….. TOLD YOU SO!!! Way to go Nick…..I’m so proud of you!

    NICK confirmed it….OUT OF HIS MOUTH!!! What do Backstreet fans ALWAYS say? “I won’t believe it until I hear them say it!!” While we didn’t HEAR him say it, PEOPLE is a reliable source….might as well have heard HIM say it!! This is the one thing we can ALWAYS count on, so you can bet it’s for real!

  6. As_you_wish says:

    Hey, could some one post the rest of the article? I don’t have aol or people subscription. anyways, I knew it wouldn’t last. I had doubts, but, in my heart I knew it could never last. But didn’t he say he loved her? So if he actually loved her, would dating other people really matter? I mean damn what a commitment phob! He must have really have been tired of all the drama. at least that’s what I think.

  7. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    Justin had BRITNEY to keep him in the spotlight and JANET. Once all of that has blown over, where is he? EXACTLY. Nick? Most of his news may be about Paris and his relationship, but that’s what happens when you’re in a high-profile relationship. Happens to everyone. Get over it. BSB news is just that now. BSB news. New album, charity, etc.

    Why so soon after the tattoo? Maybe they just had a nasty fight or something. Because isn’t this less than a month after he got her name on his wrist and his on her as.s or something? Well, he can always say he had a really good time in France.

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