Nick Carter Stars In A New Horror/Comedy Flick

Contributed by elgato:

According to Bone at the forum at, “Suchin Pak did the news today and said that ‘Blood On A Happy Face’ is cancelled. But [NickCarter] is doing a new movie about a college student who inherits a haunted brewery which turns blood into beer. I guess Nick will play the college student. She also said Nick is in New York working on his album. And she said that this new movie is being made by the same company that was behind ‘Blood On A Happy Face’ (which I think was the same company behind ‘The Hollow’). Looks like they really like Nick.”

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7 thoughts on “Nick Carter Stars In A New Horror/Comedy Flick

  1. HoneyRain says:

    I hope he does the part justice. clearly Kevin has successfully conquered acting.. I hope Nick does too. (though it’s gonna be a bit harder for him to look like a serious actor when he’s doing a horror/comedy movie than if he were doing something on Broadway)

  2. bsbandaaroncrazed says:

    I’m glad Nick is getting into acting also. A lot of other singers are doing the same. I think Nick will be a great actor. We already know that he looks great on T.V.

  3. justanotherbtch says:

    I watched TRL today and I heard her talk about that, and that sounds *****ing lame…turning blood into beer? can you get anymore cheesier than that?

  4. HoneyRain says:

    does sound rather dumb, doesn’t it? lol (no offense to Nick)

  5. popnicklover says:

    I wonder who will be in this new movie with Nick. Too bad Blood on A Happy Face got cancelled. I really wanted to see that one. Oh well, this one looks good, too. “Blood into beer” LOL!

  6. Stallion says:

    It does sound wired blood turning into beer but hey acting is fun I can see why he would want to do it.

  7. blackblue24 says:

    Too bad about “Blood on a Happy Face”. It sounded like a good role for Nick. This one sounds different. Should be good though.

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