Nick Carter Talks About Willa Ford

Not-Like-You.Com has the audio of a interview recorded last week at the Radio Music Awards for the Z-Morning Show. The DJ asks him how it was to see there, he talks a little about her and relationships in general. He also talks about his new album, the Backstreet Boys, and his little brother, Aaron Carter.

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5 thoughts on “Nick Carter Talks About Willa Ford

  1. Stallion says:

    Nick is a queer and I would love to tap Willa Ford ass. That girl is fine

  2. kellyismad says:

    Maybe this will lay to rest some of the “Nick Hates Willa” crap that is STILL floating around the internet after all these years. This is the third? I think, interview like this where Nick states that they are indeed friends. It’s about time he spoke up!

  3. sexygurl2003 says:

    you know you wanna tap Justin’s ass. Admitted you’re a *****

    stallion is a wannabe heterosexual

  4. child_from_hell says:

    if you think all of this about Nick, then why take time to comment?

  5. anonymus says:

    Sorry for Willa Ford as well as by Leighanne Wallace: Distrust total. Why? The two took the fame of their partners to make a name, such as Mandy did not hesitate to take advantage of BSB Tour and opened for them, but stupid on their part, fans are not stupid and saw what was happening and not liked it. Leighanne, meanwhile most of the same: It allows the luxury of saying in interviews and referring to fans of Brian “Stay in school” or “my heart seeing all those fans who do not attend school follow the BSB on tour. “If I had a bit of shame would have been prudent and would have swallowed those words. It is not in a position to give advice to anyone. She is the first that does not work and lives of the money and the fame of Brian, which is used (even saying that has been working on that). If you really were worth to be an actress and not need it to Brian in his films and his fans not to work and promote their films and produce ….. That the money to afford their crap is not it Brian.

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