Nick Carter Talks Tommy Lee, Troubles, Piercings, Album

Contributed by elgato:

A few weeks ago, Nick Carter was presented with the StarShrine Award from StarShrine Magazine. He also did a short interview for them. The star said his new album will be toned down a little, while ‘Now or Never’ was full of experimenting. Nick said that most artists experiment behind the scenes and he just experimented in front of everyone. He also talked about how he and Tommy Lee have been doing lots of writing and whatnot. The StarShrine rep asked him about his piercings. He said he got both nipples pierced. She asked him for pictures and he said that fans will get them soon enough. For the award, Nick thanked his fans for supporting him through these tough times (this is probably a reference to the Jane and Bob Carter situation).

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7 thoughts on “Nick Carter Talks Tommy Lee, Troubles, Piercings, Album

  1. XTremeKaos says:

    It’s not StarShrine, it’s StarSHINE. No R. And he didn’t win just one award, he won 5. But yes, he did an interview and he was really sweet in it, and the pictures in the magazine were great (before he got his wonderful haircut).

  2. Stallion says:

    Nick didn’t experiment on NON that album was 100% pop. Nick is just dying to leave the Backstreet Boys isn’t here. I don’t blame him I wouldn’t want to be in a group that people don’t respect. Nick is a queer for piercing his nipples. I bet you people when Tommy lee heard Nick Carter sing for the first time he probably though to himself thank god for studio magic.

  3. elgato says:

    funny how stalliwhore downloads all of nick’s pics and interviews. hmmmmmm… stalliwhore is the type of person to go on and on about an album he’s never heard. he’s never listened to Now or Never so don’t let him fool ya. MTV, Rolling Stone, and more have all classified NoN as pop/rock. then here comes stalliwhore trying to profess that it’s 100% pop. yeah right.

  4. Stallion says:

    It is sad that Elgato is making up reviews for NON. It wasn’t rock&roll it was bubblegum pop. It sounded just like a Backstreet Boys album that is why it was a major flop. Nick Carter album was a joke to rock&roll just like O-Town second album

    But hey that is just my opinion that I’m voicing don’t let it piss you off. It sad that Elgato is getting piss off.

  5. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    Actually that CD wasn’t 100% pop. A lot of songs, most reviews said, had a strong Bryan Adams, Journey, etc influence. Meaning rock influence. And he’s not gay for piercing his nipples…Bet ya if JT did that you wouldn’t think. And nah..Nick has a natural talent. More than we can some for some people.

  6. danica00 says:

    NoN was experimental for Nick in that he tried out lots of stuff he never tried out before and he tried to incorporate music that influenced him whilst making what he created unmistakably his own. Songs like “Blow Your Mind” and “I Just Wanna Take You Home” among others are so far off BSB stuff. And the album mixed elements of ’80s pop rock, ’90s pop and some modern rock. Haven’t heard anything like this before and more importantly, it’s very well done and the whole record’s tight. You don’t feel like a song’s out of place even with the variety it’s got.

  7. jcsfan88 says:

    “stalliwhore is the type of person to go on and on about an album he’s never heard. he’s never listened to Now or Never so don’t let him fool ya.” You keep saying how much JC’s album is going to suck. You haven’t heard it.

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