Nick Carter Talks With Z100

Backstreet Boys star recently did an interview for New York radio station Z100, where he promoted his new album ‘Now or Never’. Read on for a transcript.

DJ: And in the studio right now, let’s give it up for Nick Carter! Thank you so much for coming in tonight, man.

Nick: Hey, thanks for having me.

DJ: Really appreciate it. The album in stores right now, Now Or Never, what’s your favorite track on the album?

Nick: I love I Got You, I love Do I Have To Cry For You, I like My Confession..

DJ: Is it tough to keep in contact with everyone back home?

Nick: It is sometimes.. I mean, I was just hanging out with my brother the other day, he came up and we did Sesame Street together. A lot of times we seem to meet up when we’re only working or doing things like that. But I’m gonna have some time off like at the end of the year, like late December..

DJ: With the Backstreet Boys.. Brian recently said that you all really don’t hang out much unless you’re working.

Nick: Brian is trying to spend some time with his family life and really start that up, so that’s probably just the way it is at the moment, but when we get back into the studio and we get recording and stuff in the future, which I like to do after I get a couple of singles out.

DJ: Can you describe like how much pressure that is? You know, all the girls, and all the fans, is this the end of the BSB, you know? It’s gotta be a lot of pressure.

Nick: Everybody asks me that question. I can tell you, straight up, the facts are I’m not leaving the group. It’s not like I was leaving the group.. It’s just that I’m doing something right now that I’ve been dying to do for a long time.

DJ: You were hanging out with Prince William?

Nick: Yeah, I ran into him. We were in a club.

DJ: Was that just coincidence?

Nick: Yeah, I was in London doing some press and he kinda like ran into me, we were chillin’, and he came up, I introduced myself, we had a couple’ a drinks and that was about it.

DJ: (something about the ladies)

Nick: Let’s just say he had guys with him..

DJ: He had all his boys with him?

Nick: Yeah

DJ: Wow. So, are you over the fact that, being in this bussines for ten years now and having the girls swoon (?) over you?

Nick: I can never get over that. Don’t get me wrong, I love attention. I dunno, I got a girlfriend right now, so if someone hugs me or kisses me.. I’m straight.

DJ: Right on. Well you spent a hell of a lot of time in New York city and coming up tomorrow, the Toys R Us in Time Square from 3:00 to 6:00. gonna be doing some karaoke!

Nick: *laughs* Oh yeah

DJ: This is really cool, the singing stars karaoke machine, this is a new thing, actually I got one right here. You guys are all invited to come down, meet Nick Carter, get his autograph, get pictures with him, watch Nick doing the karaoke and of course YOU can do the karaoke too. Snap it into action.. I’m sure they all want to sing your songs.

Nick: *laughs*

DJ: How do you like that, when people are all singing your songs, what does that feel like?

Nick: I feel like.. that’s an amazing feeling. Just because they wanna hear it, they wanna listen to it.. Sometimes it’s an amazing feeling because it’s overwhelming but at the same time it’s still shocking to the point where you go “Whoa”..

DJ: Well this is all happening tomorrow, 3:00 til 6:00, Toys R Us in Timesquare, will be there…

Nick: Come on down!

DJ: …doing the karaoke from singing stars. Thank you so much for coming in, I’ve got one more bonus question for you, you know, typical stranded on an island questions.

Nick: Uh oh..

DJ: The three ideal women you would want on a stranded island.

Nick: I’ll take Winona Ryder. I think she’s hot. Then let’s see.. Kristen Dunst, I think she’s hot. God, another girl who I think is hot.. I think Kristen is really hot, she’s off the chain.

DJ: Have you ever met her?

Nick: No, but I want to *laughs* So, this is Nick Carter, if you’re listening girl, I know you hear me

DJ: You don’t have to give your number out on the air

Nick: You’ll hear like *makes noises* (then I guess he mentions his mom)

DJ: You’re mom’s gonna be the last one?

Nick: Yes

DJ: The album Now Or Never, in stores right now, don’t forget tomorrow, 3:00 til 6:00, enjoy Nick Carter, Toys R Us, Timesquare for the singing stars video karaoke challenge. Nick thank you so much for coming out tonight.

Nick: Thank you so much for having me

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