Nick Carter Tapes Three Episodes Of The Wade Robson Project

Contributed by elgato:

A few days ago, it was reported that would be a guest judge on MTV’s new series The Wade Robson Project. KKtwins from the Backstreet Boys forum at provided more insight. She posted, “I just wanted to say that my sister and I attended the taping of the Wade Robson Project that Nick taped yesterday. Nick looked SO good His hair is still long and he wore a bandana the whole day. He taped three episodes and wore three different outfits- those famous army pants, a blue Santa Monica sweatshirt, a grey Billabong sweatshirt, and a sporty Atari’s jacket and white work out pants. He was a really fair judge but I can’t say anything about the dancers because of the confidentiality agreement! But Nick was really happy during the breaks and really friendly to fans! He signed autographs and hats and we took a picture with him after the show! yaay!! Nick was so funny- he thought all of the girl dancers were really hot and even fell out of his chair during one of the girls performances! haha. It was really cute! He got along really well with Wade and Jamal- the other judge. At the end everyone was trying to get him to dance hehe. That’s all I can remember right now, but if more comes to come I’ll post later! Thanks for listening!”

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4 thoughts on “Nick Carter Tapes Three Episodes Of The Wade Robson Project

  1. lucky78 says:

    I wish I could have been there!

  2. mharinck says:

    ..sounds like a great show!!!! Me 2, I wished I was there 2 see him……. But anyway, I can’t wait 2 watch that episodes…..!

  3. ArizonaBob62 says:

    why are his army pants “famous”? Because he wears army pants a lot? lol I think army pants are pretty cool and there really comfortable

  4. elgato says:

    Sarah Martin said AJ WILL be at the VMAs and he’ll be on the red carpet. We’ll see. But anyway, I’m starting an official VMA thread on the Backstreet Dirt Forums. All BSB fans are welcome. Check it out

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