Nick Carter To Talk To National Enquirer

Contributed by maddluvmsjade:

A news item posted on Angel Carter’s official site by her webmaster says, “Hey everyone! I spoke to Angel today and she wants me to let everyone know that she will personally be coming to the website forum to explain and let everyone know what happened with her parents last weekend at the beginning of this coming week. Her brother, Nick, spoke to the National Enquirer about the whole situation and that article will be out tomorrow. Register for the forum today so when she does post, you’ll be able to chat with her.”

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3 thoughts on “Nick Carter To Talk To National Enquirer

  1. scooby04 says:

    does anyone know angels official site? could someone please tell me? anyways I hope that the family is ok. I dunno if bob is to blame or Jane but I hope it was a big misunderstanding, nobody deserves that.

  2. popnicklover says:

    I don’t know what Angel’s official site is…I think I went there once but I don’t remember the link. Try going to and type in “Angel Carter”. And it’s good to know that Nick is going to come clean with Bob’s arrest, though I’m not so sure how well I can trust something that’s been written in the National Enquirer.

  3. maddluvmsjade says:

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