Nick Carter & Tommy Lee Recording In Toronto

Contributed by elgato:

has been in Toronto for awhile now recording with Tommy Lee. They’re laying low and avoiding the press. So, fans weren’t aware they were in town and were surprised to see them popping up here and there throughout the city. One fan, Afrospuff from the forum at, saw Nick at a Snow concert. She was at the Downsview Park for a Snow concert. She says, “I couldn’t believe it when Snow said Nick was his special guest and I thought it was so cute when he sang with him and he knew all the words to Snow’s song. Nick sounded so good too! And his Canada shirt (for Canada day) was so cute too!” I remember reading a review of Nick’s concert in Toronto awhile back where he said that Snow might actually be on his new album. Now it looks like that’s going to happen. You may remember Snow as the white reggae/rapper who had the song ‘Informer,’ which sounded like Popeye on speed. So apparently Tommy Lee and Snow are layin’ down tracks with Nick while he’s in Toronto. Nick’s second solo album comes out this fall.

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