Nick Carter Warns Paris Hilton About Promiscuity

Star magazine reports that while Paris Hilton films ‘The Simple Life 2’, the heiress has been warned by her boyfriend Nick Carter to keep away from the guys. “Nick has let Paris know he will not tolerate any nonsense while she and Nicole Richie are touring the countryside,” a source said. The source adds that the Backstreet Boys star “doesn’t want to be embarrassed.”

Paris Hilton Proud Of Keeping Her Promiscuity Within Reason

April 21, 2004 – A posting by ‘ennuyee’ at reports that on ‘Simple Life 2’, a member of the crew is claiming outtakes from the next season of the series feature a phone call between Paris and her boyfriend Nick Carter, during which Nick says he’s worried she’s cheating on him with her ex, model Jason Shaw, who just bought a house in her neighborhood. Paris tells Nick he has nothing to worry about, and gets annoyed that he’d think she’d cheat on him. After she hangs up, she immediately calls Jason Shaw, whining that that she doesn’t know why Nick gets so jealous sometimes — especially since Jason is the only guy she’s cheating on him with, a fact she thinks shows great control on her part.

Large Ring On Paris Hilton’s Wedding Finger

April 20, 2004 – Paris arrived in Brisbane, Australia to begin filming on the Gold Coast, and the girlfriend of Nick Carter was spotted with a large ring on her wedding finger.

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9 thoughts on “Nick Carter Warns Paris Hilton About Promiscuity

  1. Smile says:

    If this is true, then good for Nick. He deserves to be treated with respect and if he ever doesn’t get it, then he shouldn’t have to put up with it.

  2. popnicklover says:

    This is Star magazine, remember? A tabloid. And Nick doesn’t seem to me like the kind’, ‘of guy who warns people about stuff like this. He’s so laid-back about everything.

    I don’t think Paris is THAT much of a whore…most people only think she’s a whore because of the stupid sex video. But I can assure you there are WORSE whores out there other than Paris…and Nick obviously likes Paris enough to date her so she really can’t be that bad. I actually think out of all Nick’s girlfriends, Willa Ford was the worst. She was the BIGGEST whore of them all!

  3. Polly_D says:

    Nick is so stupid! I can’t believe he’s still dating that woman!!!! SHAME ON YOU, NICKOLAS!!!! I know you’ll be “forever rebel”, but to be rebel you don’t need to date a whore! STUPID IDIOT!!! You’re getting older and dumb instead of getting older and wise! SHAME ON YOU!

  4. milasmine says:

    You guys are as nasty and immature as *NSYNC fans. SHAME ON YOU. Most of you are the type of people that say your fans, but would turn on Nick the moment he does not live up to your supposed standards. I for one would not pick Paris for Nick, but it was not my choice. It is his choice and he has picked Paris for now, maybe for good. Not only do I respect that and him, but I wish them both the best. I can see the change that dating Nick has already made in Paris. Since when is a woman a skank; because she had her PRIVATE moments video typed for her own pleasure, only for that video to be stolen and shown to the world. Does not sound like her fault to me. She is young, beautiful and rich, a wonderful combination to make many mistakes. She has not, however, made enough mistakes to deserve your hate of her. She has not killed anyone, nor has she harmed anyone, but maybe herself. I believe she knows this. Yes, she is very fortunate to have Nick…I think this relationship started out as two people wanting to have fun, but has ended up more seriously…With “i love yous” and Nick saying “he just wants to be a good man for her”, and that he wants to be “the best thing that has ever happened in her life. For him to say this he has obviously been told this, by Paris. Do not through “stones” at Nick because he is doing what any healthy 24 year old young man would dream of doing. I guess I just adore Nick enough for so many other reasons that this does not bother me, in fact I have gotten use to it. Only they know what they have, you can only presume. Give Nick a little credit and the respect both he and yes even his girlfriend deserve.

  5. JuniorGirl04 says:

    You lost all credibility when you implied that all NSYNC fans are immature, it’s biased and it isn’t any more true than saying the same of BSB fans. And she isn’t a skank just because she had her “PRIVATE” moments taped, she’s a “skank” because she has slept around Hollywood, with MARRIED men. It’s no secret. And I think that is the most shameful, degrading thing a woman can do.

  6. milasmine says:

    Did I come on a *NSYNC story and say this. NO, because I would never do that!!! And yes both *NSYNC and BSB have nasty and immature fans, that too is no secret!!! I would hate to be a friend of yours that has made mistakes, for you would never forgive me!

    People love to live in the past, poor Paris. She has made MAYBE even some whoppers for mistakes, but she could become a nun and you would still be hateful. She does not have a chance, where some people are concerned.

  7. Smile says:

    I don’t care what Paris has or hasn’t done, I won’t take it out on Nick. I don’t find that right or fair of me. I am really surprised people are saying rude things about Nick, when he hasn’t done anything wrong. If anything, he seems to be trying to help her.

  8. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I haven’t ever met a nasty fan of the Boys…except for maybe elgato… And I don’t think it’s immature to dislike the decision he’s making. I think he’s a fool for falling for her lines and bull*****. It really kind of reminds me of a couple of my friends…so NOT right for each other. I dunno….I’ve NEVER liked her, and I never will. She’s been too arrogant and snooty for her to gain ANYTHING with me ever. I just can’t stand it when people talk the way she does….the tone of her voice, and ALWAYS praising herself and how good she looks and how sexy she is and how guys want her and how much money she has and how good she looks….. It’s disgusting, and I don’t see why NICK would go for that…he’s SUCH a nice guy.

    What scares me is this.. 1. She’s gonna hurt him. I already see that one coming! She’s used and abused everyone…ok, so not EVERY one, but a whole hell of a lot of people, and it’s all been for show…to get HER name and face out there. 2. He’s ruining HIS reputation by being with her. He may not be a virgin or even abstaining without her in his life. I’m sure he goes out and hooks up and has a grand time. But that’s not something that’s discussed, cause it’s private. SHE has a reputation…see number 1 again… She’s been with more guys in the last couple of years than I’ve known my whole life…and I’ve known a LOT of guys, and not in the biblical since. I’m just talking about friends and acquaintances….. 3. It’s all a publicity stunt on BOTH of their parts to keep their tongues wagging about her and to get their tongues wagging about him…since the Boys are recording again! The Boys have always been respectable because they aren’t full of lies and bull hockey and because they don’t resort to cheap publicity. He can do better!

  9. Meggz75 says:

    Star magazine is not exactly the best source for information. Nick is a kidder, so maybe if he said that to Paris, he was just teasing her. Who knows if he even said anything of the sort kidding or not. As for those questioning Nick’s intelligence, that has nothing to do with anything! We all have our own taste in who we think is right for us. Regardless of who Nick dates, people will always find something wrong with her; either she’s fat, she’s ugly, she’s a whore, she’s this or that. But in the end, it is who Nick chooses to be with and if she makes him happy and treats him right, I have no problem with her at all. We all have pasts that might be deemed questionable, but that does not mean we should not be able to be loved by someone else or deserve someone who believes in us.

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