Nick Carter Will Appear On An Episode of Banzai

Contributed by elgato:

According to TVGuide, will appear on the new FOX show Banzai at 7:30 PM(ET/PT) on Sunday, Aug 17. The summary for the episode says, “Lady One Question queries Nick Carter; Elliott Gould meets Mr. Shake Hands Man; two religious figures compete in sipping hot tea; a model shoots at blow-up dolls.” For those of you who don’t know who Lady One Question is, FOX describes her as “the intrepid interviewer who simply asks celebrities a question, then does absolutely nothing.” So she’ll probably ask the Backstreet Boys star a simple question. He’ll answer. And then she’ll stare at him. He’ll probably think she’s crazy, so he’ll start adding to his answer to try to make it longer. When he’s done, she’ll continue to stare at him, saying nothing. This show is games, reality, and comedy all rolled into 30 minutes of TV.

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9 thoughts on “Nick Carter Will Appear On An Episode of Banzai

  1. elgato says:

    I’ve never seen it. is it like Punk’d?

    it doesn’t get any worse than crying on TV and calling your mommy just because you thought the govt seized your property

    it’s so funny everytime I post a BSB thread, go to sleep, wake up the next day to see that stalliwhore stayed up all night talking about BSB and more importanly TALKING TO HERSELF!

  2. Stallion says:

    Pretty sad how Nick Carter will do anything for media attention. I’ve seen this show Gato and it is ok. I can’t wait for them to make Nick Carter look like an idiot.

  3. Stallion says:

    It doesn’t get any worse than pulling down your pant in public looking like an idiot but I’m sure Kevin is use to looking an idiot considering he is a Backstreet Boys. Sorry to let you down but Justin didn’t cry and he didn’t call for his mommy his mommy called him and of course he would call his mom considering she handle that kind of stuff nice try Gato.

    I bet you Gato that you go to sleep wake up very early in the morning to see if anybody diss the Backstreet Boys than you get mad and in the meantime everybody is in a good mood because they made you mad.

    And one more thing Gato shouldn’t you be in bed sleeping after all school is tomorrow you should get your rest instead of staying up all night posting stupid comments about the Backstreet Boys.

  4. ok says:

    this episode was shown ages ago in the uk and its not that funny he just talked about his plans for the next couple of months – then he said he had to go and went he didn’t even get wound up so its not as good as they are making out!!

  5. elgato says:

    I woke up and stalliwhore stayed up all night talking about BSB and more importantly TALKING TO HERSELF!

  6. jtfasho95 says:

    That show is so racist its not even funny. We might as well have a show called “ThA NeGrO OuR” hosted by A dark black man with an afro in a pimp suit on talking…no….screaming about eating cornbread, drugs, and how the “crackers” brought the black man down. If the Pacific ocean wasn’t separating us from japan, the Japanese would go and kick the Banzai writers ass

  7. nick_carters_girl says:

    lol…the show sounds kinda (no offense to nick)..stupid.. but anyways..cant wait to see him on it!! I’ve never heard of this show in my entire life..but oh well..I’m sure Nick will look oh-so-cute as usual!

  8. Comics says:

    No JT,we already have Cedric The Entertainers show. Anyway,This show is so racist, it’s a Japanese minstrel. The accents are not even real,its pitiful. Well can’t wait to see them make an ass out of Nick: I

  9. jtfasho95 says:

    I’ve lived in Japan for 10 years, and like you said, the accents are not even real. If you go to Japan, the TV shows are BARELY like that. Its awful.

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