Nick Carter Working With Tommy Lee In Los Angeles

Contributed by elgato:

Two Backstreeet Boys fans from the forum at recently got to talk to people very close to who gave them insight into his whereabouts. Connie B. from LD says, “He’ll be in LA till at least mid August, that is coming from one of his crew members of El Diablo (Nick’s race boat). I’m sure it will be longer if he records in LA too.” Mrs_Nickolas_Carter from LD said, “Bob (Nick’s father) said that Nick is in L.A., working with Tommy Lee… And as far as I know, the boat might not even be ready for the Sarasota races.” Even MTV spoke to Nick’s management, and they reported that “Nick Carter has started work on his second solo project, for which he’s co-written several songs with a collaborator.” So don’t be surprised to hear the former Motley Crue drummer on Nick’s new album, due out later this year.

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