Nick Cheers Puddle of Mudd, Ignores Justin At Billboard Awards

Contributed by elgato:

Nickybear from the Forum at attended Monday’s Billboard Music Awards and talked about witnessing of the at the event.

Nickybear writes:

Nick was sitting right in front of us, he left after Puddle of Mudd though. He was sitting sideways, not in the seats facing forward but the sideways seats, and when Justin came on he didn’t applaud, he just looked, and he didn’t applaud after either for him. Ha ha, that was funny. Whereas for Puddle of Mudd he was applauding like crazy. Everyone was going up to him for an autograph and a pic, and a couple even sat on his lap, he never said no, he is without a doubt THE SWEETEST MAN IN MUSIC! And omg he was handsome, loved his outfit as well. JC was sitting 2 seats from Nick with his arm around his girlfriend [Tara Reid], and Nick left after Puddle of Mudd, and probably flew away, who knows, we couldn’t find him, and several people said he had checked into the penthouse though. Also, on the red carpet Nick walked right over to everyone and signed autographs and talked.

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