Nick Jonas Scrapes Up Classic Mustang, Driving With Miley Cyrus

of the was involved in a fender scraper while riding his classic Mustang Cobra after having lunch at Village Idiot on Saturday (April 11) with ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus. Nick attempted to make a turn in tight traffic and an SUV bumper wasn’t cooperating. His fans, many of whom don’t like Miley, will likely point much of the blame at the ‘Hannah Montana’ star, who should have had the window rolled down and monitoring the tight turn and telling Nick he wouldn’t make it before the scrape happened on her side of the car. Watch footage below.

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7 thoughts on “Nick Jonas Scrapes Up Classic Mustang, Driving With Miley Cyrus

  1. Heather says:

    I think that this was both Nick and Miley’s fault but mostly Nick because he’s the driver and he should know what’s going on at ALL TIMES. If he would of look at the situation first and he might of realize he wouldn’t of made it. Looking at the video even I realize that he wouldn’t of made it through. He should of waited for the blue car to move then he could drive out.

  2. Shree says:


  3. Sara says:

    Me too
    But are Miley and Nick together again?

  4. Tasha says:

    they so belong together they are just so cute

  5. Chelsea says:

    NO! They don’t look good together and NO!! they shouldn’t get back together. They had there fling and it didn’t work out.SO GET OVER IT! by the way she has a boyfriend and Nick doesn’t need her in his life.

  6. Whatever says:

    @ Heather: The blue SUV was parked on the side of the road with no driver in it. It wouldn’t have moved and Nick needed to get around it. and…

    @ Chelsea: I’m pretty sure they are back together. They have been seen together a lot recently. Also, why are you yelling? And lastly, she doesn’t have a boyfriend. She broke up with the underwear model guy and that’s when Miley and Nick started getting seen together. And he’s had her in his life before, I’m sure he’d do it again.

  7. kirsten says:

    I think they split up look at her tweet

    Sitting here trying think of every possible way to make “I want you” sound like “come back Nick” I’m having no such luck.
    5:02 AM Sep 5th from UberTwitter

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