Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson’s Anniversary Details

Us Weekly has details behind and her husband Nick Lachey of celebrating their first wedding anniversary on October 26th at Atlantic City’s Taj Mahal. The couple stayed at the 5,000 square feet suite usually reserved for royalty, butler included, and New York City’s Trump Plaza. A horse and buddy took the couple to dinner at Tavern on the Green, where their original baker, Sam Godfrey, sent a replica of their wedding cake. “Nick had a room set up with bouquets and candles,” Simpson said. “It looked like we walked into our wedding ceremony.” Of course MTV cameras followed the couple for the next season of ‘Newlyweds’.

Despite Success, Don’t Look For Simpson Clothing Line

October 31, 2003 – Billboard caught up with Dell Furano, CEO of Signatures Networks, which handles licensing for Jessica Simpson. Furano revealed that despite the many advertisers wanting Simpson to endorse their products, don’t look for a Simpson clothing line. “Her own product line would need some longevity to take root and succeed; we’re leaning more toward endorsement deals,” he said.

Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson’s Home In Danger?

October 31, 2003 – The Glasgow Daily Record reports that the wild fires that have devastated southern California may affect the home of star Nick Lachey and wife Jessica Simpson.

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One thought on “Nick Lachey And Jessica Simpson’s Anniversary Details

  1. PandaBear2003 says:

    Ain’t it AMAZING how Nick does ALL OF THIS for JESSICA and yet you NEVER hear Sh** about what JESSICA does for Nick? Hmm MTV Filmed it, of course Nick wouldn’t shell out for this crap, Joe had MTV do it and was sitting there with the 2 of them the ENTIRE TIME. Disgusting PIG!

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