Nick Lachey Appears On TRL

star stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Monday to talk with host Carson Daly about life as a newlywed with the twist of having cameras following them around, his new album and the status of 98 Degrees, and his new video ‘Shut Up’. Read on for a rough transcript.

Carson: Let me bring out the next guest, a brand new album and a brand new wife. Please say hi to Nick Lachey. Nick?

[ Cheers and applause ] Fantastic. What’s up, m?

Carson: What’s happening, brother? Come over here a little bit.

Nick: What’s up. Been a long time.

Carson: How long has it been —

Nick: I haven’t been in the studio in probably 2 1/2, three years.

Carson: Wow that’s fantastic. When we approached you and Jessica Simpson who we love, your wife — how are things going, by the way?

Nick: Things are going great.

Carson: Soon we’ll see how well things are going.

Nick: Yeah.

Carson: We have a great idea for a show, we want to have our cameras follow you and your wife at a time when personal things are go on. Why did you say yes?

Nick: You know, it was — we didn’t initially say yes. We thought about it and decided it was a unique opportunity to kind of really show our different side of who we are, and for them to see us in our personal lives and besides, we don’t have any expectations of what marriage is going to be kenyy, because this is our first year. So we figured if we gearing to ike this, we might as well do it in the beginning when we don’t have any expectations an have fun with it.

Carson: I think people can appreciate the celebrities that don’t say, no — well, you’re going to let it all — what are you worried about them seeing? Jess said I’m worried about coming off like a slob.

Nick: No, she’s a slob. Jessica is a complete slob and she’s the first to admit it.

Carson: What about you?

Nick: I’m probably most worried about people thinking I’m a natural, because I’m the complete opposite. She’ll leave towels on the ground and dishes everywhere and I’m the one bugging her to pick it up.

Carson: Usually the other way around.

Nick: I we felt like we had a lot of things to hide, we wouldn’t have agreed to do it. But we don’t feel like we have anything about to be — anything to be ashamed about.

Carson: Are the cameras allow in the bedroom?

Nick: That and the bathroom, no. Which I don’t think anybody want wants to see that anyway.

Carson: We solicited people to write back on line. Let’s put that up. A question for Nick Lachey.

question about his 98 degrees tattoo being removed..

Nick: You know what? I had a son, it’s on my shoulder here.

Carson: Wait, you didn’t have a child.

Nick: No, not a song. S-u-N.

Carson: I want to clear that u gossip starts here. That would be a bad one.

Carson: It said 98 degrees?

Nick: In the middle of it. After a while i started to feel like, not that I’m not proud of what we did, because I am. It means the world to me, but ifelt like it’s time to color it in and move forward from it.

Was a special thing, and we all did it as a bonding thing.

Carson: Is 98 degrees over?

Nick: No, not at all. We’re very much together. But everyone started having families and wives and people wanted to pay attention to their personal lives a little bit.

Carson: Great. We’ll talk to more some more.


Carson: Actually, yours and Jessica’s video were wannabes today. Outside “shut up” is it based on when you got “Punk’d”?

Nick: Loosely. Doing that “Punk’d” thing and not knowing what was going on, but it was sort of a unique relationship that Dax and I had in the episode and I think we hit some chemistry without knowing it. We thought it would be cool to make it and make a sequel and make it surround the song.

Carson: August 19th is a huge day for you. And it is for Jessica.

Nick: Yeah.

Carson: You guys are both coming out with albums. The “Newlywed” show starts that day. Is it all just one — all in the family, all one day?

Nick: You know what? When the show came together, we thought, what a great idea to put it all in one day. Both of our albums come out t show comes out. Actually, her single is coming out today. Jessica’s single, so pick it up, everybody.

Carson: Unbelievable. It is “backstage pass week”. I don’t know if we asked you this before, you don’t have to do it, but we’re trying to get people into all access, maybe if you can sing something from “solo.” Is that putting you on the spot too much?

Nick: I’m going to dedicate this to the girls from Brazil. A little ballad that’s off the album. This is called “I Swear.” It goes like this.

And I will love you until

until death do us part we’ll be together

soak my hand and hold on tight

and we’ll get there this, i swear

Carson: Wow. Very nice. I mean, I am —

Nick: That was for you guys.

Carson: Unbelievable. The guy is talented. August 19th, check him out. If not him, it’s his wife, Jessica Simpson. Nick, always good to have you on.

Nick: Thank you. Thank you, guys.

Carson: Fans enjoy a little singing on TRL. I suck at it, that’s why
I bring you the pros here. We’ll introduce you to newest I’ll explain. Thanks to Nick Lachey.

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