Nick Lachey Caught With Jessica Simpson’s Best Friend

Life & Style reports that was betrayed by her best friend and assistant CaCee Cobb, who reportedly got cozy with Jess’ ex-Nick Lachey at a party at Los Angeles nightclub Level 3 on January 29th. “The two were all over each other,” said an eyewitness, who knows both Nick and CaCee. “Nick had his arms wrapped around her, and he was kissing her all over the side of her face and neck. Her arms were around him, too.” Another onlooker added, “We were watching in total disbelief. We kept waiting for them to rip each other’s clothes off.”

Nick And Elizabeth Out And About, Separately

February 9, 2006 – Elizabeth Arnold, Nick Lachey’s new girlfriend, was photographed on errands around Los Angeles. Nick Lachey meanwhile changed at a friend’s apartment before heading off to see his brother Drew compete in ‘Dancing With The Stars’.

Nick Lachey And New Girlfriend’s Sneaky Night Out

February 5, 2006 – ‘Extra’ reports that Nick Lachey was caught ducking out the back door at Hollywood’s trendy Roosevelt Hotel as his rumored girlfriend Elizabeth Arnold walked out the front. The couple left separately after getting hot and heavy on the dance floor.

Fears Nick Lachey Will Tell All

February 4, 2006 – Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Nick Lachey has landed a tell-all book deal as well as his own solo reality TV show, which will see the 98 Degrees star search for a new girlfriend. Lachey’s ex Jessica Simpson’s very nervous about the developments. “Jess is living in fear (of) how much he will reveal during the making of the show,” an insider on the reality show revealed. “They never had a pre-nup, and let’s just say they didn’t depart the best of friends.”

Nick And Jessica Having Hotel Room Meetings?

February 3, 2006 – More magazine reports that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey recently met up at a hotel room to “sort out” issues between them. “By the time Nick got up to leave they were starting to question whether they should go through with the divorce after all,” a friend revealed. Later, the insider said that the 98 Degrees star called Simpson and asked if she had a good time as he had. “As soon as she said ‘yes’, he asked if she wanted to do it again,” said the source. “They’ve met up several times since then. It’s always hush-hush and in a private place. They’ve lived enough of their lives in the public eye.”

A New Direction For Nick Lachey

February 3, 2006 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Thursday night, “Us Weekly is reporting that Jessica Simpson’s ex-husband Nick Lachey is dating a former Miss Kentucky beauty pageant winner. Yeah. Nick says that after being married to Jessica, he’s ready for the depth and intelligence of Miss Kentucky.”

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2 thoughts on “Nick Lachey Caught With Jessica Simpson’s Best Friend

  1. redar says:

    And we know how reliable Life & Style is. Nick has been photographed with the girl he’s dating, the former Ms. Kentucky a few times and they said she was there. CaCee has been dating that football player and they said he was there. So this is all just a bunch of crap. Nick and Jessica aren’t together and are getting divorced. They can date whoever they want.

  2. Haters-GetaLIFE says:

    I don’t think Nick cheated. I don’t think either of them did. Probably both of them did in their minds. Maybe I just want to believe Nick didn’t cheat…either way I don’t think that is in his MO.

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