Nick Lachey Co-Hosts TRL

98 Degrees star was the co-host of Monday’s Total Request Live and briefly chatted with Lala about his forthcoming solo debut ‘SoulO’, a second season of ‘Newlyweds’ with wife Jessica Simpson — which he hinted might include a pregnancy, advice for sister-in-law Ashlee Simpson who also is getting a MTV reality show. Read on for a transcript.

Nick: Please. Fire away.

Lala: Your album “SoulO” is coming out November 11th. Do you feel like you’re starting off or is it the next step from 98 degrees, where you left off.

Nick: It feels like both. Hopefully will be a lot of 98 degree fans that will buy “SoulO” but in a lot of ways it does feel like I’m starting over because it’s a whole different thing being a solo artist. Just because you’re a successful group doesn’t mean you’re going to be a success full solo artist.

Lala: Watching “The Newlyweds,” you’re very hard on yourself. Everything has to be perfect.

Nick: Yeah.

Lala: So hopefully, things are going to go good for you.

Nick: Hopefully, they will.

Lala: And the album’s been finished for a while. So listening back, are you like, damn, I wish i could go back and fix this song or fix that and change that? Because it kept getting pushed back.

Nick: Yeah. There’s — I’m kind a of a perfectionist. If I could go back, i would probably never stop. I would keep fixing and fixing. So it’s good we did finish it, that’s the album. Done. Can’t do anything to it. That being said, I’m very proud of it and very happy with it.

Lala: Some of the best news ever is there’s going to be another season of “The Newlyweds.”

Nick: Yeah!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Lala: A second season. So what’s going to be the difference from the first season to this season? Because a lot of people are like, okay, you’re not really newlyweds anymore.

Nick: This season we’re going to have full frontal nudity on “The Newlyweds.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

Nick: No, we’re very excited about it. You know what? We don’t know, because we don’t know how it’s going to turn out until we do it. They’re just going to tape away, and whatever happens happens. You know, maybe we’ll — I mean, we could get pregnant this season for all we know.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Lala: Whoa!

Nick: Not saying it’s going to happen.

Lala: All right. Well, your sister-in-law Ashlee Simpson, who’s a friend of MTV, she’s shooting a pilot for her own reality show for MTV.

Nick: She is, yes.

Lala: What advice would you give her about cameras being in your face all day long and following you around?

Nick: You just kind have to find your rhythm with your crew and the people around you. I would just tell her to be herself. I think the show is going to reflect you best if you can just relax and be yourself and do your thing.

Lala: Kind of act like the cameras aren’t even there.

Nick: Yeah.

Lala: You guys give it up for Nick Lachey.

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6 thoughts on “Nick Lachey Co-Hosts TRL

  1. B0rntoplay says:

    Ack. I really hate the same of his album. I hate when people get too creative. Just ends up being cheesy.

  2. lopez_lover says:

    You are talking about Britney right?

  3. clayfan says:

    I agree with you … Soul-O is a stupid name!! But what a hunk he is!

  4. looker says:

    What a retard. God,,,Nick Lachey is such a nobody and we are only talking about him because his wife is too stupid to know the difference between tuna and chicken. His album will flop and Soul-O has got to be the worst album title I have ever heard. Sounds like something a 1970s pimp would be called.

  5. shadybaby says:

    What a joke! Nick cannot sing and he’s ugly I’m surprised that anybody would want to marry him! He also cannot write his own lyrics,they sound like a 4 years old wrote them “I do cherish you” that’s such bull and I hope there marriage fails and I hope there babies look like monkeys!

  6. PandaBear2003 says:

    If you are going to ATTACK him get your DAMN facts straight. NICK DID NOT write I Do, it was the COVER Of a COUNTRY SONG so if you HATE the lyrics SO MUCH, go and complain to the person who REALLY wrote it and NOT attack Nick, WHO HAS IMMENSE talent but was taking the SAFE route with his first solo effort. But since you know talent so WELL, YOU go write an album of 12 songs and let US be the judge.

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