Nick Lachey Considers Buying Cincinnati Home

was on hand for the opening of The Continental Lounge, the new members-only club in Covington, Ohio, and spoke with The Cincinnati Enquirer about his newly single bandmate Nick Lachey. “Nick’s doing well,” Jeffre said. “Life is crazy, of course, being the target of the tabloids and everything.” Jeffre added, “He’s been tossing around the idea of getting a place here for a long time. That’s his ultimate plan. He still is pretty loyal to Cincinnati.”

Jessica Having Second Thoughts About Divorce

December 10, 2005 – Harvey Levin, the managing editor of, has learned that may be rethinking her separation from Nick Lachey. “I don’t think she has the stomach for a divorce,” Levin said. “She made $850,000 at a concert this week, and you’d think since Nick would be entitled to half, she would have moved to protect her finances. There is no anger. They are e-mailing each other. It’s really hard for them right now, especially Nick.”

Nick Not Living With USC QB

December 8, 2005 – While several entertainment news outlets have reported that Nick Lachey had moved in with USC quarterback Matt Leinart, he tells Scripps Howard News Service that’s not the case. “I’m asked a few times about that,” Leinart said, laughing about the line of questioning. “But I’ve heard it a lot on ‘Extra’ and all of that crap. It’s funny because Nick has never even been to my apartment.”

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