Nick Lachey Discusses Vanessa Minnillo Sex Pics With Jimmy Kimmel

visited ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ last night, where the singer was asked about the much talked about pictures of him having sex with Vanessa Minnillo while vacationing in Mexico last month. Read their conversation below:

Jimmy: Nick, we were talking a minute about these photographs. I saw them in the magazine. And honestly, it made me mad. I don’t understand how you were on vacation in Mexico. You were in your room, right? It’s like a little private area there?

Nick: I don’t even know what they’re talking about. Before we went down there, I went and bought this great, new suit that says ‘censored’ across the front and back. And everyone’s making a huge deal about these pictures.

Jimmy: The only big deal that should be made, because you’re there with your girlfriend. It’s not like you’re up to no good there.

Nick: I’ve heard the word scandal used. I don’t see the scandal in it. You and I get photographed making out in the pool in Mexico, probably a little bit of a scandal.

Jimmy: Well, there’s only one way to find out.

Nick: I don’t like that look in your eye, either.

[ Laughter ]

Jimmy: We don’t have to go to Mexico for that. It could be anywhere. It could be right in the green room.

Nick: You know, I got to plane to catch, we talked about. It’s one of those things. I think it was really blown out of proportion. It will come and go.

Jimmy: It’s one thing if you’re on the beach and people take a picture of you. But they put a telephoto lens.

Nick: It’s a frustrated thing. You’re in a private home, a private neighborhood.

Jimmy: You’re naked.

Nick: I was going to come out tonight naked, all over again. But —
[ Cheers and applause ] . It’s a little bit played out at this point.

Jimmy: Guillermo’s clapping for some reason.

[ Laughter ] Something you want to tell us, guillermo?

Guillermo: It’s okay.

Jimmy: Never mind. Yeah. It’s a weird thing. Now, these photographs, in this magazine. This is OK! magazine. You had no idea you were being photographed.

Nick: Exactly. Yeah.

Jimmy: There you are trying —

Nick: This is us in our home.

Jimmy: Here you are — looks like the laundry.

Nick: Is that how you do laundry? I don’t understand what the big deal is.

Jimmy: I would like to. I don’t, really. This is nice. This is Vanessa helping you put on your shirt. He’s like a sexy tomboy. Why is every good-looking girl a sexy tomboy?

Nick: That’s a good question. I can’t button my shirts. She helps me out.

Jimmy: I got you. Is she really a tomboy? She doesn’t look like one.

[ Laughter ]

Nick: She’s just a cool — one of the girls you can hang out with.

Jimmy: Are you guys in love?

Nick: It’s — yeah.

[ Laughter ]

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