Nick Lachey Hopes To Attract Older Listeners With ‘SoulO’

Nick Lachey 'SoulO'

Expecting comparisons to the solo albums by *NSYNC stars and JC Chasez, and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey tells Voice of America, “I think we’re all doing very, very different kinds of music. Ultimately, I hope fans will like the songs and me as a singer. I guess there might be a small percentage of people that it could be a problem for, but I did the album for the fans that were still loyal to 98 Degrees, and as I evolve as a singer and hopefully tap into new fans.”

Lachey Chats With WBLI

December 18, 2003 – 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey phoned into WBLI in Long Island on Wednesday (December 17) to chat with Steve and Maria. Nick was on Boston at the time, and chatted about his appearance on the Billboard Music Awards, his thoughts on his wife Jessica Simpson’s “bimbo” image, the attention the couple have received since the success of ‘Newlyweds’, Nick’s contribution to the station’s ‘Adopt a Kid’ charity auction, the status of 98 Degrees, and more.

The 6-minute interview audio at has since been removed.

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18 thoughts on “Nick Lachey Hopes To Attract Older Listeners With ‘SoulO’

  1. jtluvak8 says:

    Soulo debuted at FIFTY ONE on the billboard charts. It’s really funny reading about Nick, I think. It’s almost as funny as reading about Nick Carter commenting on Justin’s success.

  2. weebongo says:

    His album might have done poorly but he can be happy that his wife’s album is starting to do well. Her single ‘With You’ is now at #45 on the Billboard singles chart in only it’s 2nd week and ITS keeps moving up the Album charts.

  3. PandaBear2003 says:

    Wee Is it AT ALL humanly possibly for you TO POST ANYTHING without being the personal bragger for Jessica Simpson? Please she brags enough for HERSELF. Nick’s album MAY have not done well but considering it’s his FIRST solo effort selling 40,000 is NOT TOO BAD at all. Take things in perspective. Maybe if Universal decided to PROMOTE HIS ALBUM instead of the lame ass TV show his TRAMPY “wife” forced him into MAYBE his album would have done better. But then again he’d ALSO need to DUMP her once and for all and come back to the land of the living sane.

  4. skyangelcarter says:

    Come on … his album is the most boring one….. the songs are just like 98 degrees songs… Who wants to listen to him singing about his wife?? Man… even Nick Carter’s album was better!!! Justin’s album kicked ass near his album!

  5. Jive says:

    Well, I think the reason his album didn’t do to well, was he’s still singing the “pop” songs and that his band 98 degrees was not even close to as Nsync and Backstreet Boys. The same with Justin and Nick. Funny to see Jessica more successful!

  6. single_female_lawyer says:

    I thought that his song ‘this I swear’ the theme song to the Newlyweds or whatever sounded like it was on a 98 degrees album and he just put it on his album. I don’t know he just doesn’t interest me at all :)

  7. KeysGurl305 says:

    Nick IS talented! maybe if some of you people would actually listen to ALL of his songs to see that! but of course if he doesn’t sell over 500,000 albums then that means he sucks right?

  8. urbaniz3d says:

    What are you talking about? 40,000 albums is NOTHING. Justin Guarini got dropped from his label for selling 52,000. so 40,000 is an embarrassment, ESPECIALLY after all the publicity that comes with “Newlyweds”

  9. jtluvak8 says:

    To answer you question that is he sells 40,000 albums then he sucks, the answer is well, ah, partly yes. Admit it. Compare 439,423 (Justified first week sales) to 40,000. I’m sorry. Yes, his voice is good. I’ll say that. I just think he needs to admit that one: A “supposedly sexier” song with a small video budget cannot shock an audience (now, anymore) OR (being a complete pop song, nowadays) support an album. I just think Nick has some musical maturing to do or needs to gain some faith from record officials, somehow.

  10. PandaBear2003 says:

    Newlyweds HAS NOTHING to do with Nick’s solo career and 40,000 IS still good for a first time SOLO artist. Besides Justin had POOR sales and had nothing to stand on before that. Nick is UNFORTUNATELY still with Universal and it WILL NOT be getting him dropped any time soon, again that’s really UNFORTUNATE since Uni SUCKS as a record label. Besides 40,000 is ONLY an embarrassment if it was SOLD in EVERY venue, SoulO was only released to 20% of the stores across the US so THAT IS GREAT sales. Don’t compare Justin to Nick and if Justin SOLD to more than 20% and BOMBED that’s a LOT WORSE. Nick had ZERO promotion for THE ALBUM, Justin HAD American Idol.

    The entire album HAS NOTHING to do with Jessica, Hell This I Swear WAS NOT EVEN WRITTEN By Nick so don’t go blaming NICK for how JOE SIMPSON decides to PROMOTE him.

  11. SelenaY143 says:

    That’s if you’re talking about Nick CARTER… his album is better’, ‘I don’t have to listen to this one. From what I’ve read from people… too OLD.. it goes to the waste bin, honey.

    “…evolve as a singer and hopefully tap into new fans…” Hmm… Okay… EVOLVE is the key word. Let’s see if he did “evolve” because Jessica didn’t exactly. Him and her “Newlywed” show made them popular… they didn’t evolve ‘musically’.. And Jessica Simpson sounds exactly the same.. nothing changed so there, Nick shouldn’t be any different.

  12. PandaBear2003 says:

    Nick’s voice and sound HAVE changed if you listen to the ENTIRE album. And you can’t blame him for Uni giving him a small budget for the video for Shut Up. No telling HOW much they shelled out for the FIRST version Nick scrapped. Uni won’t EAT up that loss so because they gave him ______ amount they only gave him $10,000 for the SECOND go at it so of course it was LOW BUDGET. And the LABEL wanted This I Swear BECAUSE it sounded 98 Degree-ish, Uni wanted to keep Nick in the 98 Boyband mode and NICK wanted to break out. He got POOR sales because UNI did not promote his album like Justin Timberlake got. Uni also released his album to 20% of the market. HOW is anyone to sell 500,000 units in the first week when TONS of people COULD NOT find it? AND thirdly, Billboard does NOT list every area albums are sold at and for some reason it is GOSPEL in the industry. If Billboard was open to more places and counted things like pre sales from amazon EVERY artist will do a H.ELL of a lot better than they currently APPEAR to do. RIAA should release the numbers NOT Soundscan since RIAA is more accurate. If Nick had a BETTER label backing him and GOT the promotion he deserved INSTEAD of making the rounds talking about JESSICA, then he’d have done better. His album IS good and I thoroughly enjoy it. The songs NICK wrote showcase his talent as a songwriter.

    Ok and WHAT does Jessica NOT changing her sound have ANYTHING to do with Nick? They are NOT the same person they ARE two different people. Nick HAS talent, Jessica DOES NOT. And if you did NOT listen to his ALBUM then you are NOT at liberty to state whether or not he EVOLVED because HE DID. And NOT every song is about JESSICA either.

  13. urbaniz3d says:

    How can you say newlyweds has nothing to do with his career? it’s catapulted him into the spotlight, even more of a reason for him to sell more records. & 40,000 isn’t good for ANYONE unless they’re on an independent label/no one has heard of them. EVERYONE knows Nick Lachey. so please don’t come at me with that crap. I’m sure you know what stores it was released in. come back with something that’s true. until then shut up.

  14. WaneInTheZone says:

    Nick Lachey is just stale and boring…Nobody wants to look at a beefcake guy with ripped muscles and highlighted hair singing typical pop fluff. The point of going solo SHOULD be to evolve and break lose from your old image, Instead he uses the same old plain tired formula 98 degrees had hoping to capitalize on what little success they had as a group. Everyone makes Jessica out to be moron but if you haven’t noticed she’s the primary bread winner in their family. Jessica negotiated the deal for both seasons of the ‘Newlyweds’. Like her father said, “Don’t be fooled by Jessica’s act, She’s not nearly as dumb as she pretends to be”. Obviously she’s not if she’s building their empire herself. Take note of the ‘Re-decorating’ episode where Jessica told nick “You’re not half as busy as I am”, Goes to show Jessica knows where her heads at. And she knows who’s running the show.

  15. jtluvak8 says:

    Okay. You are free to your opinion. 1. Yes, he has a good voice. 2. When you release an album, you put out the single that is one of the best ones on the album. So we are shown that ‘Shut Up’ and ‘This I Swear’ are his best. 3. And if the record label showed more interest in Nick’s album, then they would have promoted it more. Nobody got too excited for it. But, as I said I am entitled to my opinion as you are entitled to yours. Don’t bother trying to change mine.

  16. PandaBear2003 says:

    Wake up and get a FREAKING CLUE. Newlyweds is NOT catapulting Nick’s career to ANYTHING THANK YOU very much, and if maybe you READ his MB you’d see that MANY PEOPLE could NOT find his album and that it was ONLY released to 20% of the stores in the US ALONE. THAT IS A FACT and you cannot ARGUE with FACTS! AND if you sell to 20% of the stores when OTHER artists sell to a LARGER percentage then YES 40,000 IS GOOD because it’s ALL RELATIVE. Good lord did you FLUNK math?

    No DADDY negotiated the deal for BOTH seasons and last I heard SEASON TWO was SIX episodes NOT TEN as in season ONE. Jessica does NOT Have a sense for business to ever negotiate a THING. Second HOW is she the bread winner? Jessica has NOT signed on to do ANY endorsements OR Product deals SINCE HER PEOPLE stated she’s been approached to do a TON of things. WHAT have you seen Jessica promoting WANE NUTS? No Jessica ASSUMES she’s busy because her daddy is STILL pimping her, and she may BELIEVE she’s the bread winner but after 18 weeks in release her ALBUM IS STILL Gold and if GOLD got her into THREE MILLION DOLLARS in debt to her LABEL what does TWO gold albums get her? FURTHER into debt, NOT the productive bread winner. Jessica ONLY made $98,000 and change in 2002. WOW MEGA BUCKS since she OWES SONY $3 Million. And STOP believing every damn lie daddy throws down your throats. He’s a ruthless cutthroat business man who tosses around the weight HE THINKS he has but you know what he is JUST as stupid as his pop slut offspring because HE controls her and LOOK what success he’s gotten her? THE WORLD’S BIGGEST MORON! Major kudos to you dad. Just what EVERY one should strive for for their CHILD.

  17. WaneInTheZone says:

    ^ You’ve seriously been brainwashed by the Mainstream Media, All obsessed and drawn into the lives of these two celebrities. Their relationship and careers, Meanwhile your life is probably in shambles. You’ve probably rushed out to buy a National Enquirer meanwhile never picking up a newspaper to find out the current events in your country, or better yet city. Get off your flabby white ass and pursue a career of your own, Adopt a life of your own. While you’re celebrating the fact that Jessica only made 98,000 grand last year, Think of how much money you make a year. Have you even seen 1,000 in your sad lifetime? How can a woman who lost her virginity on her wedding night be a slut? Meanwhile you’ve probably lost count of all the men you’ve been with. Better yet you probably have children. Funny how would you know all these facts on Jessica considering you don’t like her, But yet I’m a fan and don’t know a single one of them. You know why, Because I don’t have a desire to know, Better yet I don’t care. You’re one sad mother*****er…I’m sure you didn’t turn out the way your mother wished :rolls eyes:

  18. PandaBear2003 says:

    And ONCE AGAIN a drone takes what WE SAY and throws it back in our faces like it’s a NEW CONCEPT to HIM, since WE said ALL JESSICA fans are brainwashed. Well Wane whether you want Jessica’s name to follow yours or now BRITNEY’S in the zone, you are STILL a brainless F.AG. Oh and oh GENIUS who has the SAME reasoning capability of JESSICA, how much do YOU make per year? Because I SURE do make A LOT more than $1000, I make more than $40,000 and it’s quite sufficient to live off of, But then I don’t PRETEND to own a 1.6 million dollar MONSTROSITY and then earn $98,000 a year. And since you FLUNKED math, let me spell this out, $98,000 A YEAR DOES NOT give you money to AFFORD a MERCEDES OR a Mansion. Sorry loser, I don’t have kids. And I know how many men I’ve been with. How many men have YOU been with? Since it’s MEN not women YOU have been with. Oh and JUST because miss priss SAYS she was a virgin doesn’t MEAN SHE WAS unless YOU were in the bedroom and saw the RED SPOT on the sheet. And since YOU weren’t there do NOT go preaching to me she’s miss prim and proper virgin. She is a SLUT. No YOU didn’t turn out the way YOUR Mother wanted, because WHO”S mother would WANT their child to express that PEOPLE SHOULD have been killed in 9/11 and DIDN’T. Because YES WANE I remember reading your post to Chris or Famefan that THEY should have been on the airplanes that crashed into the twin towers. That is BEYOND sick and disgusting. Besides ALL this info on your goddess is PUBLIC knowledge. I am THE PUBLIC and I am CURIOUS about her and I LOVE to prove she’s the LYING FRAUD I know her to be. I NOW have proof to back up my claims. YOU have NO Proof to back up YOUR claims just the damn lies sprouted out by Jessica and her loser, lying, convict of a father. Oops did I call him a convict? My mistake. Her lying, loser, PIMP of a father.

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