Nick Lachey Pressing Jessica Simpson To Start A Family

Sources tell In Touch magazine that 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey is trying to convince wife Jessica Simpson to start a family. The singer is “planting the seeds in Jessica’s head that he is looking forward to becoming a father – in a big way,” one said. ” He knows Jessica isn’t exactly ready, but he wants her to know it’s on his radar and that having a baby is something that can’t be brushed under the carpet. He wants Jessica to start thinking about it.” In response to those who feel it might hamper Jessica’s career, Nick reasoned to a pal, “If we have a baby, it’ll add a dimension and keep people interested. I don’t think it’ll be a hindrance to Jessica’s career, I think it would endear her even more to fans.”

Nick Lachey Shows Support For Wife Jessica Simpson

December 26, 2004 – When Jessica Simpson performed at a dinner honoring Warner Bros. boss Alan Horn at the Westin Cengtury Plaza Hotel in West Los Angeles on December 13th, hubby Nick Lachey was her biggest supporter. “Nick kept smiling and clapping,” a witness at the event tells Us Weekly. “I even saw him grab her butt!”

Jessica Simpson Bans Nick Lachey From ‘Dukes’ Set

December 17, 2004 – In Touch magazine reports that Jessica Simpson has banned hubby Nick Lachey from visiting her on the set of ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “This movie is her big break and she’s hoping it will establish her as a movie star,” a source close to Simpson revealed. “The last thing she needs now is drama from Nick on the set.”

Nick Lachey Gets Solo Reality Show

December 7, 2004 – As early as the spring, 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey will be featured on his own MTV reality show tentatively titled ‘Nick Lachey Project’, which will follow the ‘Newlyweds’ co-star as he attempts to ignite his own singing career. “This is completely concentrating on Nick in the business meetings, picking out equipment for the studio, this is all about what the process is like dealing with his album,” executive producer Rod Aissa tells The New York Daily News.

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One thought on “Nick Lachey Pressing Jessica Simpson To Start A Family

  1. Carrie says:

    Those two are good for each other. I think they’ll last because not only do they have a deep connection from being each others true love but Nick seems to want to be with his wife and Jessica will stick to him as long as he wants to remain committed. I could see them having kids. Jessica is a Duff ball bu she’ll outgrow that with time. I think she’s a stable good girl overall. Never heard any wild stories about her. The kids will commit them even more.

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