Nick Lachey Slapped With Bedroom Cigar Ban

The National Enquirer reports has banned from bringing in cigars to their bedroom after buying new silk sheets and pillowcases. The singer argued that it was Simpson’s oatmeal face-gunk that she plasters on her face three nights a week that would cause more damage to the sheets than his stogies. Nick calls Jessica “Bride of Frankenstein” when she wears the face covering, insisting that he wants her in bed with “nothing but a T-shirt on”, as Simpson sings in her hit single ‘With You’.

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2 thoughts on “Nick Lachey Slapped With Bedroom Cigar Ban

  1. Candee says:

    Okay. I’ll be the first to say that I’m sick of them, especially Jessica. It was cute for a minute but now it needs to be over.

  2. PandaBear2003 says:

    Ok now I’m ALL for reports they are breaking up, but PLEASE. NICK doesn’t smoke, JESSICA is the one who seems to be spotted as smoking, and the comment doesn’t even SOUND like anything Nick would remotely say, besides he’s NEVER quoted one of HER songs.

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