Nick Lachey Snubs Lindsay Lohan

Sky News reports Nick Lachey is responding to reports that Lindsay Lohan is interested in dating him in an effort to escalate her feud with Nick’s ex wife, Jessica Simpson. “I can safely say that I don’t have any interest in Lindsay Lohan,” he remarked, “nor do I understand anyone else that does.”

Lindsay Looks To Score With Nick To Anger Jessica

Life & Style Weekly reports that Lindsay Lohan is looking to hook up with Nick Lachey to stick it to rival Jessica Simpson. “The next time I see Nick Lachey out, you’d better believe I’m going to be all over him. And he’s such a dog, he’d go for it,” Lindsay told a pal. “It’ll be nice for him to finally hook up with an A-lister.” A friend of Jessica responded to the tabloid, “To say that she’s going to go after someone else’s ex-husband? That’s just nasty.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Buddha Bar Special Order

The New York Post reports Lindsay Lohan arrived late for a tasting at Buddha Bar. She got chef Keith Matsuoka to whip her up some chicken salad, sushi and fried rice.

Lindsay Lohan’s Trying To Put On Weight

Lindsay Lohan admits her stick-thin look doesn’t suit her and is desperate to but on a few pounds. “You want to be called sexy, and you want to have tits and an ass,” the 19-year-old tells The Mirror. “I like food. I eat all types of things. I’d never be able to do the no carbs and no sugar thing. I just ordered a peanut and jelly sandwich. I like McDonald’s and I love sushi. I do good stir-frys, but the meal I cooked the other night was grilled chicken parmesan, sauteed spinach and mashed potatoes.”

The article at has since been removed.

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