Nick Tells Kristin: You’re Prettier Than Jessica

Nick Lachey’s relationship with Kristin Cavallari is getting serious, a source tells Star magazine. The 98 Degrees star is “acting like a man in love,” the source revealed.

“He’s taking the relationship very seriously.” The source added, “He can’t stop telling Kristin how much prettier she is than [ex wife Jessica Simpson}. He says she’s a lot more sensible and level-headed, and he loves hanging out in her small, messy apartment in Marina del Rey.”

Another source added that Nick and the ‘Laguna Beach’ star didn’t “seal the deal” until the fourth or fifth date, prompting Cavallari to believe the romance was serious “because he wasn’t pushy about getting physical.”

‘Employee Of The Month’ Kissing Scene Secrets

March 22, 2006 – ‘Entertainment Tonight’ correspondent Kevin Frazier caught up with ‘Employee of the Month’ stars Jessica Simpson, Dax Shepard, and Dane Cook on the set to talk about kissing scenes in the film. Asked how Jessica was as a kisser, Shepard responded, “Have you ever kissed a cow?”, perhaps referencing her cow sized tongue.

Jessica Simpson Chats With ‘Extra’

March 22, 2006 – Her life has changed drastically over the past four months. Only ‘Extra’ sat down with Jessica Simpson on the New Mexico set of ‘Employee of the Month’ to talk about life sans Nick Lachey, her family’s role in the breakup, and how she looks to Angelina Jolie for inspiration to make a difference in the world.

Jessica Simpson Leaves Jumbo Tip In Albuquerque

March 21, 2006 – The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Jessica Simpson was spotted tipping $300 on a $380 tab on Saturday at OPM in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she was filming ‘Employee of the Month’.

Nick Lachey Visits KISS FM In Cleveland

March 17, 2006 – Nick Lachey was at the 96-5 KISS FM studios on Thursday (March 16) for an exclusive interview with afternoon personality Kasper. There was also an in-studio audience helping out with the interview. Nick weighed in on everything from his new CD to the gossip magazines to his new video to his thoughts on myspace, etc. Audio at has since been removed.

Jessica Simpson Furious With Nick Lachey’s Womanizing

March 16, 2006 – The National Enquirer reports that Jessica Simpson is furious with her ex-hubby Nick Lachey after he has been seen out with his brother Drew Lachey’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ partner Cheryl Burke, ‘Charmed’ actress Alyssa Milano, and ‘Laguna Beach’ reality star Kristin Cavalleri. “Jessica is so angry and seems to be full of hatred toward Nick right now that she doesn’t care to see or speak to him again,” an insider told the tabloid. “She was ready to accept Nick finding one girl to date, but not 50!” Read more.

Cavalleri Eyeing Lachey Simply For Fame?

March 15, 2006 – Nick Lachey’s rumored romance with ‘Laguna Beach’ star Kristin Cavalleri could be trouble, with some questioning Kristin’s motives. “She wants to be a star,” Us Weekly’s Katrina Szish said. “And so skeptics are saying that she’s simply using Nick for his celebrity.”

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2 thoughts on “Nick Tells Kristin: You’re Prettier Than Jessica

  1. malibu says:

    whether this is true or not, who knows, but really any red blooded American guy is gonna tell a girl whatever she wants to hear to get in her pants. of course hes gonna tell her she’s prettier, smarter, etc. I have to laugh that a romance is regarded as ‘serious’ by the 4th or 5th date. yeah, in Hollywood that’s practically a lifetime, but in the real world, you don’t know ***** about someone after 4 or 5 dates, and chances are if you ‘seal the deal’ by then, the guy wont call and you’ll end up with one hell of a nasty rash.

  2. galleta says:

    This is just tabloid fodder. How would anyone in the media know what he has told her. The tabloids just don’t have anything else to talk about at the moment.

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