Nickelback Frontman Blasts Timberlake’s McDonald’s Deal

Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger has blasted *NSYNC star for his sponsorship deal with McDonald’s. “I don’t think that you should sponsor or get behind something unless you really believe in it,” Kroeger told Radio 1. “If you’re gonna jump on a cause, that’s a lot cooler than just taking the money and allowing some corporation to use your face – because it’s supposed to be about the music, right? It’s not supposed to be about, this is me with a Big Mac in my hand, or this is me with Nike sneakers. Whatever it is. I just think that if you’re gonna be in the music business, be in the music business.”

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11 thoughts on “Nickelback Frontman Blasts Timberlake’s McDonald’s Deal

  1. elgato says:

    hell yeah, Chad. but hey, Timberlake comes from a group that had their own lip balm.

  2. MariahsMan says:

    Technically he didn’t really “blast” Justin…he’s just saying his opinion on the whole endorsement thing. I don’t think he meant it as a personal attack towards Justin or anyone else. People over-analyze stuff way too much!

  3. Diablo27 says:

    Um ok the whole promotion is based on music. He has a song for the promotion he basically lends his vocals to McDonald’s. Since when is singing not music. But yea whatever Chad. Don’t hate on Justin hate on McDonald’s for asking Justin to do this.

  4. hilarydufflover says:

    My respect for chad has grown more after reading this…. it’s sad how many artists there are out there who do it solely for the money… it’s really relieving to hear someone as talented as Nickelback to feel this way.

  5. popnicklover says:

    True dat, Chad! But sadly, Timberlake will do anything for more money and media time…he would probably sing a song about McDonald’s if they’d asked him to! LMFAO! That’s why Timberlake is a sell-out and doesn’t deserve his success; it’s all publicity success, anyhow.

  6. shadybaby says:

    Nickelback is not even talented so I don’t care what comes out of his mouth and he’s f**kin ugly too.

  7. XtinaFan says:

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re more talented than whiny, off-key, prepubescent-sounding Justin. And at least Nickelback aren’t sellouts. And they don’t use ex-girlfriends for publicity. And wow, ugly? Yes, I agree. But you’re a superficial moronic f**k for using that against him just because he thinks Justin is a sell-out. You’re the one that looks like the idiot, not Chad.

    All this McDonald’s talk is making me want to go to McDonald’s. See, that’s proof that Justin IS a sell-out. Yes, he’s recording a song for them. But if it wasn’t recording it to promote McDonald’s, and McDonald’s just wanted a singer to sing a song, they’d pick anyone off the streets that can sing. And yes, there are people that can sing A LOT better than Justin. So why pick Justin? Because they wanted him to promote them, because he already is one of the most famous, mainstream teenybopper singers. And his audience likes McDonald’s. So yes, Justin is just doing this for the money and publicity, for himself and McDonald’s. I’m proof.

  8. Diablo27 says:

    I don’t really get what Chad said. He doesn’t know whats going on apparently. The McDonald’s promotion asked Justin to lend his vocals for the commercials, songs and what not. Vocals are music, Justin released a song for this endorsement. Justin not lending his face he’s lending his vocals. That’s music.

  9. Stallion says:

    This still doesn’t change the fact that Justin Timberlake get respected by pretty much every artist in the industry for the stuff he did with N’sync to his solo album. Justin Timberlake get respect from the Rolling Stone the Bee Gee Michael Jackson Janet Jackson Coldplay the Flaming Lips and list just goes on and on. Nickelback 15 minutes are up just like the Backstreet Boys. Hater go ahead adn disagree with me all you want you only make yourself look stupid like you always do.

  10. Smile says:

    The BsB did Burger King once a few years back. But over all those men don’t do a lot of this type of promotion. This is at least Justin’s second time with McDonald’s alone. And don’t respond to me with something like “you’re a dumbass” or get all upset. I’m not trying to even diss Justin, I’m just stating the facts so you’ll see where some BsB fans are coming from.

  11. Tlkshw says:

    Chad eat one. You make a bulk of your money in this industry off of touring & endorsements. Don’t play yourself. If you were marketable , you’d be selling tampons if asked. The game is rigged as an artist I would expect more from you. Jealousy is a weak emotion, go get your heart disease cured.

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