Nick’s Birthday Present For Jessica Gives Her A Scare

98 Degrees star thought he was giving wife Jessica Simpson a romantic birthday present when the newlyweds went on a hot-air balloon ride thousands of feet about San Diego, but it didn’t end up that way. “When she got up there, she was just trembling and shaking,” Lachey revealed. Simpson explained, “It was a little scary because I’m afraid of heights. I thought the basket was going to fall out from underneath me.” But Jessica contends “it was very romantic.” It’s probably a good bet the balloon ride will be featured on the new MTV reality show ‘Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.’

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7 thoughts on “Nick’s Birthday Present For Jessica Gives Her A Scare

  1. XxmissyxX says:

    omg hot air balloons scare the sh-it out of me! I feel your fear Jessica! I get chills just thinking bout it. but I have to admit….that’s a really sweet gift for her. that’s so romantic.

  2. princessducky says:

    I don’t think they will last. Seems they have so much competition between each other and don’t seem they know much about each other.

  3. bookmarker says:

    exactly! they dated for 4 almost FIVE years and have been married for what 9-10 months and he didn’t know that she was afraid of heights? they are so fake!

  4. AngelGoddess1 says:

    It is NICE to see more people who finally are opening their eyes or rather admitting that they know this is all a PR couple and nothing more. If her FANS knew she was afraid of heights WHY wouldn’t her “loving” husband. LMAO that he actually did this and scared the f**kin hell out of her, payback IS a b.tch, shows you what happens when you are a b.tch in the first place for staging an ep of punk’d. Good one Nick, you’re FINALLY starting to make a GREAT head way in coming BACK to your senses!

    Well if he actually LOVED her, or hell if he even really KNEW her yes if her fans know it then it was made public so if they were a REAL couple and he didn’t know it, I’d be pissed if I was her, but she laughed so it shows they are FAKE!

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    lol, I kinda wondered why Nick presented her a present on a hot-air balloon if she was afraid of heights? Wouldn’t he had known that already? lol. Oh well, it sounds sweet.

  6. jazzprofounder says:

    Well I believe that they are in love, which is sweet, and yes, sometimes very very annoying that they seem to act so perfect, when like everybody else in this human race, they aren’t. But just because he didn’t know that she was afraid of heights doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love her. And also, wouldn’t she laughing mean that she enjoyed everything after all? If she wasn’t laughing then she would be pissed of, but she wasn’t apparently. I don’t know why a little mistake of Nick not knowing she was afraid of heights has to be a sign of something bad waiting to happen. It’s not like he was planning to push her off the hot air balloon from the sky!! HAHAHAHA!

  7. AngelGoddess1 says:

    You sure about that? No I’m not assuming anything, but if that were me I’d be PISSED OFF BIG that my “husband” didn’t know MY BIGGEST FEAR since I SHARE IT WITH HIS BANDMATE. Did you READ the teen people article with the THERAPIST who analyzed them? Hell even a PROFESSIONAL said they are DOOMED and knows they ARE NOT in love.

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