Nicole Scherzinger ‘Black Dog’ Video Ft. Jason Bonham

ESPN and ABC have produced a special open for 2011 NBA Playoff coverage airing across the networks including Nicole Scherzinger and Jason Bonham performing the Led Zeppelin classic ‘Black Dog’. The video debuted April 16th for the start of the playoffs on ESPN and ABC.

“It was an honor to join Jason Bonham on the iconic Led Zeppelin song ‘Black Dog’,” the former member commented. “I am excited that fans will be able to see the video during the NBA Playoffs.”

“Working with Nicole for the NBA Playoffs spot was amazing. She is the real deal,” said Bonham. “Not only is she one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, but she has a fantastic and powerful voice. She has a great rock voice and it worked out fantastic for ‘Black Dog’. I was so pleased to be able to bring this song to such a huge sporting event.”

Nicole Scherzinger is scheduled to release her solo debut, ‘Killer Love’, on Interscope/A&M this summer. Watch the playoff video via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Nicole Scherzinger ‘Black Dog’ Video Ft. Jason Bonham

  1. Christina says:

    Nicole is def trying to do her solo thing but I don’t know if have a NBA song a good move….

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