Nicole Scherzinger Discusses ‘I Hate This Part’

of the updated fans on the girl group’s official web site,, on Tuesday (December 2). Talking about the latest single off their second album ‘Doll Domination’, the 30-year-old writes:

Hello Everyone,

It’s your girl Nicole here! We’ve been working so hard getting ready for the upcoming European Doll Domination tour. I can’t wait to get out there and reconnect with all our amazing fans so I hope you have your tickets! Our latest single “I Hate This Part” is one of my favorite songs on the album and I hope you’re enjoying it and feeling it as much as I loved making it:) If you could please call up your local radio stations to request the song, the Dolls and I would be so grateful! I know we can get this song out there for as many people to hear as possible! I want it to reach so many because I think so many of us can relate to what this song is about. I think we all go through difficult times in our relationships where it hurts so much we don’t think we can take it. But I have learned, no matter how great the pain, how hard it is, you just need to push through, weather the storm and keep that faith alive and it will only make you a stronger person in the end. I want our fans to know I am connected to you all through this gift of music. When you are feeling alone and your heart is hurting, I hope you can turn on songs like “I Hate This Part” and know that I am going through it with you – this journey we call life…

See you all very SOON on tour!

Much Love


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One thought on “Nicole Scherzinger Discusses ‘I Hate This Part’

  1. Carly says:

    what instrument do you play in I Hate This Part?

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