Nicole Scherzinger Offers Prayers For Japan

Nicole Scherzinger checked in with fans on her official web site,, offering her thoughts for the people of Japan in wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami, and subsequent nuclear reactor issues. The former Pussycat Dolls member writes:

My heart and prayers go out to all of you Japan,

Last week I watched the news as survivors of the earthquake and tsunami told their stories… my heart broke trying to comprehend how so many lives and souls were washed away… that in seconds loved ones and entire families were gone and a nation was changed forever. I called my family to tell them I loved them as I was reminded how precious life really is and how I must cherish every moment.

And now we don’t know the future state of the nuclear power plants and what’s to come of all the problems that have arrived from the aftermath of the disaster.. and we don’t know why these things even happen? The only sense I can make of it all, is that in this time of crisis and need.. it is meant for us to come together… come together, bring us closer and stronger as One.

I love music, it helps to heal my soul and brings me peace and happiness. I hope you hear a song that will lift you up and bring a smile to your spirit today…

To make a donation to the RED CROSS click HERE

Faith, Hope and Love,

Nicole Scherzinger

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