Nigel Lythgoe Upset Abdul Is Tying Goodspeed Tragedy To ‘Idol’ Audition

feels the ‘American Idol’ producers put showbiz over safety, citing the case Paula Goodspeed’s ‘Idol’ audition for the show. Goodspeed died last month from an apparent suicide in front of Paula’s home.

Former ‘Idol’ producer Nigel Lythgoe offered his take to ‘Access Hollywood’, telling Billy Bush: “I can’t go back and deny that didn’t happen. We are talking about three years ago and many, many hundreds of auditions later. However, if that did happen it was still not the thought that she was dangerous to Paula or dangerous to herself. That was three years ago and when Goodspeed did what she did [last month], the unfortunate actions that she took, [were] three years later. To sort of tie that to an audition on ‘American Idol’ I find… upsetting.”

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Blasts ‘Idol’ Producers Over Paula Goodspeed Audition

December 10, 2008 – is speaking out against her ‘American Idol’ employers, telling Barbara Walters on her ‘Barbara Live!’ radio show on XM that ‘Idol’ producers are to blame for Paula Goodspeed getting close to her. Goodspeed’s body was discovered by police on November 11th outside Abdul’s home and suspect she committed suicide. Abdul said when Goodspeed went to audition on ‘Idol’, she had objected.

“I said, ‘This girl is a stalker of mine. Please do not let her in.’ Everyone knew. I was shaking,” Abdul explained. Paula said she was overruled by producers because of “entertainment value” and claimed they said it would “be fun for them to cause me stress.” When Walters asked why she continues to be a part of the hit FOX show, Abdul responded, “Well, I’m under contract.”

Update: Nigel Lythgoe spoke with about Paula Abdul’s claim that her efforts to keep alleged stalker Paula Goodspeed from auditioning on ‘American Idol’ were ignored. “I don’t remember Paula Abdul ever saying, ‘Don’t bring this one or that one in,'” the former ‘Idol’ producer said at the Superstars of Dance press day in Los Angeles on Thursday. “But she says she did – I believe her. My point is, this young woman went through the audition process. None of us believed she posed any danger to Paula. Believe me, if we had, she wouldn’t have been in the room.” The full story at has since been removed.

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