Nigel Lythgoe Upset With Lee DeWyze Over ‘Idol’ Snub

Lee DeWyze

‘American Idol’ producer Nigel Lythgoe turned to Twitter yesterday, apparently unhappy about season nine winner refusing to present the show’s top prize to last night’s winner Scotty McCreery. Nigel told his followers (@dizzyfeet):

I was so upset wouldn’t present the winners trophy to Scotty. Especially as he’d been on the show this Season. I guess he was shy

The refusal apparently had ramifications beyond the Tweet, with Lee getting no recognition for being in the audience by host Ryan Seacrest. Instead, Lee was pointed out before a commercial break by the show’s unseen announcer. Lee had earlier told his Twitter followers (@LeeDeWyze) that he wasn’t asked to perform on last night’s finale.

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