Nikki Yanofsky Discusses Olympic Opening Ceremonies Performance

is excited to finally be able to talk about her performance of the Canadian national anthem at the Olympic opening ceremonies. “All week we had rehearsals, and I couldn’t say what I was doing,” the 16-year-old said of her powerful rendition of ‘O Canada’, kept a secret until the big day. Nikki shared this with anchor David Muir in a recent segment from ABC World News, which also includes a brief look back at her career and recent success with ‘I Believe’, CTV’s Official Song for Vancouver 2010.

Nikki’s debut U.S. album, produced by the legendary Phil Ramone and Jesse Harris, will be out in late Spring on Decca.

The ABC interview video has since been removed.

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One thought on “Nikki Yanofsky Discusses Olympic Opening Ceremonies Performance

  1. Elisabeth says:

    As a Canadain I felt like this performance disownwd everything I stand for as a Canadain and I felt betrayed! I can not believe someone would sing the National Antham this way…!

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