Nissan Live Sets On Yahoo! Music: Maroon 5

Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine does a Q&A with audience membersNissan Live Sets On Yahoo! Music features a live set with Maroon 5. Performances of ‘Makes Me Wonder’, ‘Sunday Morning’, ‘Harder To Breathe’, ‘Wake Up Call’, ‘Won’t Go Home’, ‘Shiver’, ‘This Love’, and ‘She Will Be Loved’ have since been removed, as has the fan Q&A.

On life experiences they experienced between albums that changed them, Adam Levine said, “We experienced an abnormal amount of success which was amazing and mind blowing. We are so happy. There’s something very ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’ about this. Where’s James Lipton? We spent all this time together on the road and away from home. We really got a lot closer as people, as friends, as musicians. We grew as songwriters, we progressed, and I think that’s what the record is. Honestly, it’s a step in the next direction for us, but it’s still very much who we always were. We’re not gonna freak anybody out with 25 minute jazz jams that are gonna alienate everybody, but well you never know. It’s what we’ve always done, but I just think it’s maybe 2.0. It’s just better, faster, bigger.”

On the new album being sexier and stronger, Adam said, “I dunno. That’s probably the worst mistake I made because sexy is hard to define. Yeah, it’s really sexy. No, you have to understand (the questioner is) a man, that’s throwing me off. I think maybe it’s a bit more confident, because I think that confidence is sexy, so maybe that’s why the record is indirectly sexy.”

On the group’s most memorable fan encounter, Adam said, “I think I always just think of the tattoo thing. (Apparently the tattooed person was in the audience) Just kidding. There was this other time, far away in Europe. She’s definitely not here. Just kidding. Words put in mouth, hello. The dedication it takes to tattoo anything on your body because I have tattoos is just an amazing thing. What’s cool about this is we finally found this logo that we really love, so it makes us actually happy that it was that, as opposed to some other things you could have done. So thank you very much for using our logo in a good way.”

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