No Britney Performance With Madonna

The New York Post reports that despite and Jennifer Lopez showing up to Madonna’s birthday bash, neither have plans to perform with the singer at the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday. “Jennifer is working on her movie in Canada,” a pal of hers explained. Britney Spears will be in the audience, but won’t be performing for her friend Madonna. “She will be there, but as of right now, there are no plans for her to sing,” another source told the Post. New rumors indicating that Courtney Love, Mariah Carey, Lil’ Kim and Kelly Clarkson will perform at the awards show.

Famous Glovemaker In Gloversville Hooks Up Madonna

August 23, 2003 – Capital News 9 reports Daniel Storto, known as ‘Glovemaker to the Hollywood Stars’, made a custom pair of fingerless evening gloves for Madonna’s performance on MTV’s Video Music Awards earlier this week. Storto prides himself as the only person who hand-stitches gloves in the U.S.

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11 thoughts on “No Britney Performance With Madonna

  1. ktkins143 says:

    Good!! …What movie is Jennifer doing in Canada-the dance one..?? Oh and are they implying that those 4 women are performing together? hehe..that doesn’t sound right so-hope not I bet Lil Kim is performing with Christina-I hope. Kelly, I could see it happening but at the same time..I just can’t,Courtney Love-nah..what song(s) would she do?? and Mariah-that is long overdue I wish she would but isn’t she still gonna be on tour?

  2. babet says:

    Courtney Love????? I don’t think she’s done any new songs lately… she is so over. lil Kim and Christina I can expect. hopefully Mariah. love Kelly Clarkson….but her performances aren’t that fun. I hope Beyonce is…..actually I think she IS. and I wish Justin was presenting….at least. Mya should be performing. Eminem…i wish he was performing…or presenting….I’ve never seen him present.

  3. Stallion says:

    Courtney Love is working with Linda Perry so you never know she could make a come back

  4. SJ says:

    Mariah Carey a performer at the VMA’s?… wouldn’t that be f**kin great. If only it was true. Thank goodness Britney, Madonna and J.Lo ain’t preforming cause if you put 3 people who can’t sing under the same roof… that’s a horrible show!

  5. Jeff_tNET says:

    that would be so awesome if just Britney and Madonna performed together!

  6. ballersfantasy says:

    MMMMMMMM………..Well Mariah will not be performing at the VMA’s because she’ll be in Houston performing, and I will be there! I’m so excited.

  7. Free says:

    MTV News John Norris just said that Britney will grace the stage! I think Brit will perform!!! I hope!

  8. MariahsMan says:

    Mariah has a show on Aug. 28 in Texas…so I don’t see how it would be possible for her to be there. They could do a live via-satellite type thing I guess.

  9. bella89 says:

    You do know that they can’t have all these people performing right? I mean there will be no time for the awards and everything will go over…because people are also forgetting that there are commercials.

  10. FireorIce says:

    She isn’t performing, just presenting. Jive probably told MTV to hype up her appearance. I doesn’t surprise me since MTV help develop her career.

  11. weebongo says:

    There still has to be some sort of big Madonna tribute. They have to for the anniversary. She’s the biggest star that came from the MTV era. More than any other artist Madonna made MTV the worldwide sensation that it is. It’s good that no one knows what it is like the tribute she got in1999 with the drags. She might have got a tribute a few years ago but she deserves another one for the 20th.

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