No, Britney Spears Is Actually Underrated

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As far as her fans are concerned, has three main strengths:

Her looks and body
Her dancing
Her singing on her CDs

Only a few oddballs would try to claim she is not a beautiful young woman with a wonderfully desirable body.

Anyone who knows anything about dance admits she is one of the best dancers (and possibly THE best) out of all pop singers. One of her former choreographers said that what made her so good was that there was nothing her dancers could do that she couldn’t.

And most important of all – her singing. Her fans love her unique voice. Okay, it won’t appeal to those who love Christina Aguilera – they are the two most extreme examples of different styles of singing and should not even be compared. It’s pointless.

But Britney does have special qualities in her voice, which to those who love her music bring on very personal emotions. Her singing comes from a special place and isn’t showbizzy at all. Listen to her ballad “Everytime” – it’s not all “Look at ME, I’m a GREAT SINGER”. It’s modest, simple, raw, unaffected, full of sadness and hurt and brings many soft-hearted people to tears.

Listen to the ‘Everytime’ Scumfrog dance remix – when her voice enters, it’s like the voice of an angel heard in a beautiful dream and the non-verbal sounds, her sighs and moans are so emotional and vulnerable.

And in her songs ‘The Answer’ and ‘Don’t Hang Up’ she conveys a sense of innocent yearning and love which break the heart of many a listener. I often hear her songs and think “If only I knew someone who wanted ME that much!”

But although Britney’s voice is peerless in expressing desire and vulnerability, it’s good for fun music too. Listen to how she works the lyric on ‘Toxic’ and ‘I got that Boom Boom’ – playful, vixenish, sexy, funny…

I don’t expect non-fans to appreciate ANY of this. Why would they? It requires close and frequent listening to Britney’s music. But it’s there if you want it and are prepared to open your ears and switch off your hating instincts.

And because so many people don’t even realize the qualities that exist in her voice, I am ready to say that – famous and successful though she is – her greatest asset is actually UNDERRATED!

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  1. Julie says:

    Well said!

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