No Butt Double For Jessica Simpson In ‘Dukes’

Jessica Simpson’s rep shot down a report in Star magazine that the ‘Newlyweds’ star needed a butt double in her big screen debut as Daisy Duke in ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’. “The word on the set was: ‘Jessica’s butt is too flat. We need a rounder, sexier rear end, and someone with better legs,” a source told the tabloid. Simpson’s rep responded to Jeannette Walls of that it’s “not true – it’s all Jessica.”

Paul Giamatti Ponders Body Switch With Britney Or Jessica

May 9, 2005 – Playboy magazine asked ‘Sideways’ actor Paul Giamatti who he’d like to switch bodies – and faces – with. “I honest to God think it would be interesting to be Paris Hilton or Cameron Diaz, just to see what it’s like to be one of those hottie glamour women,” he said in the June issue. “Or or Britney Spears. It sounds strange and warped, but I think it would be fascinating.”

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