No Easy Breeze Into America For Utada

Utada 'Exodus'

Singapore’s The Electric New Paper profiled Utada Hikaru’s troubles in finding success in America, a common problem for international acts on pop music. Music reviewer A*Keong said: “Utada tries to blend into the American culture, but her musical style is a bit old-fashioned and there’s not enough of her unique Japanese touch.” Freelance writer Ming Kang added: “Exodus is uninspiring and comes off as trying too hard. The lyrics of her single, ‘Easy Breezy’, sound way too cheesy to qualify her as a credible artist to be reckoned with in the American music scene.”

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7 thoughts on “No Easy Breeze Into America For Utada

  1. fayefan says:

    LMAO!!!!! This proves that no one gives a damn about Utada! Go home, bitch!

  2. lessthanzero says:

    People like you are the reason most of the world think we Americans are fools. Your xenophobic rhetoric speaks volumes of your idiocy and closed-mindedness. Hopefully, you will accumulate some brains once you sprout a pube or two. Her inability to break the US market says nothing of her talent and everything about our desperate market. It isn’t diverse, it’s homogenized and dominated by corporate influence upon gullible people like you who think that if someone hasn’t made it in America, they’re not worth a damn. In case you didn’t notice, N Suck–and lots of other desperate pop acts that have popularity not fathomable to people with taste–started their careers OUTSIDE the States.

  3. JLOVER101 says:

    Get over it, then they need to stop trying to break into the American market.

  4. fayefan says:

    OMG, you think I’m ignorant? Prepare to be served (read on). I have known UTADA ever since she came out in Japan with that Automatic crap. Don’t even start. I know the deal in Japan. Ayumi is flagging in terms of popularity, but Utada doesn’t stand a chance against Ayumi and Namie, both of which are taking Japan by storm. You don’t believe me? Go to Oricon Charts and tell me who is #1. Is it Ayumi’s [MY STORY] or Utada’s [Devil Inside]? Don’t even start with that Xenophobe sh*t. I know more about Lin Xi than anyone on this board. First of all, Utada can’t sing worth a crap. I know this for a fact. Her vibrato is horrendous in both English and in Japanese. Those Japanese are smart to buy into BoA and Ayu and not this conservative wh0re. Do you honestly think she is as big as a star in Japan as you make her out to be? Dude, what ARE you smoking? Utada debuted here because Japan doesn’t care about her anymore. Her single sales are flagging horrendously and, her having the big ego she does, wanted to make some extra cash. I don’t think just because she can’t break into the US she isn’t worth a damn. She isn’t worth a damn because she can’t sing worth a damn. In Japanese/English, whatever, the point is she can’t sing and the Japanese are too busy waiting for Ayumi to come out with something new to give a f**k about Utada. She should go back home and pop out a few kids, that’s the only thing she’s useful for anyways.

    I have been saying this sh*t ever since Do As Infinity tried to make it here. (RO) I’ve seen so many Asian artists try to break into America and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM FAILED HORRIBLY (except PUFFYAMIYUMI, but those b*tches can’t sing anyways) I’ve also noticed that only the desperate omg Ayumi is kicking our ass in terms of sales artists/groups try to make it here. Not the big people, like Namie and Ayumi, maybe because their English is worth sh*t or maybe because they aren’t sellouts like the others, whatever, the point is that they don’t need to debut here in order to feel validated. Desperate Asian artists need to get a f**king clue and continue to stay in obscurity.

  5. ConfuzedNDazed says:

    ^ why are you such a hateful jerk? Utada may not have the vocal chops of Whitney Houston but she can sing a hell of a lot better then AYUMI HAMASAKI! And Britney Spears, for that matter. Listen to Ayumi live in concert, her voice is crappy. Utada can actually hit the notes in her songs. The reason Utada hasn’t made any impact on the US market is because IDJ is bad at promoting its artists. Utada got her own promo team, the second person in the history of IDJ to do so, and the best they could do was get a few articles printed in some magazines and an MTV YHIF. Please. Utada DOES have talent. She is one of the best producers I’ve ever heard. Her music is magical. And sure, she may not be able to blow the roof off of a house, but then again, who can in the music biz now-a-days? Ashlee Simpson? Avril Lavigne? Hilary, Lindsey? Utada has more talent then all them combined. The main thing with Exodus is that it sounds different. She has a multitude of genres on that CD. Yeah, I think Easy Breezy was a *****ty choice for a first single. They should have pushed Devil Inside from the get-go (which hit number 1 on the billboard dance chart, without any major promo). Next year her promo is supposed to be more aggressive, and then we’ll see who’s calling who a talentless whore. If Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears can break the US market with their skanky asses, then Utada can get in on her sheer talent. At least she’s respected in the music world, unlike Britney, Christina and every other pop drag queen.

  6. fayefan says:

    There is a reason why Ayumi is called the PRINCESS OF JPOP. It’s because she can sing! Utada strains and overuses her vibrato. You must still be caught up in the days of AUDIENCE. She’s grown tons since then, have you heard GAME or CAROLS. GENIUS! I would love to see Utada make anything remotely as beautiful as those songs. Oh wait, she’s can’t. She has absolutely no talent. Do you understand her lyrics? Because if you did, you’d see that Ayumi has more talent in her NOSE HAIR than Utada has in her whole body. Hi-stank-ku’s lyrics don’t make sense and she’s jacking off of the Americans in a desperate attempt to make herself seem worthy. It’s the truth. Ayumi will always be better than Utada and she is smart enough not to become a SELLOUT in order to gratify herself. I am glad this bitch is failing, she deserves everything bad that’s happening to her. When she returns to Japan (because she always will), Ayumi and Namie will be laughing their as^es off, chanting (along with the rest of H!P, Mika Nakashima and Gackt) “We told ya so, we told ya so, nobody wants to her, your crappy music anymore. Fu** you Utada, you overrated stank.

  7. HarukaNami says:

    That is the most ridiculous opinion I have seen in an Ayumi fan. We can tell that this guy is criticizing a singer by using his anger over nothing. Calm down dude, this is not a war against people with different perspectives. This is what’s wrong with the society and even in the American culture too when it comes to critical thinking. No one cares about the sh** they say.

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