No ‘I Showed Her’ Video?

Contributed anonymously:

It seems that there won’t be a video for O-Town’s second single, ‘I Showed Her’, off of their sophomore album ‘O2’. The song was released to radio on January 27th and it’s already been two whole months without any notice that a video has even been made. Char from the Inside Message Board states: “As I stated earlier, according to J Records, they have a new policy of not shooting a video unless they see that a song is charting well, since MTV has changed its policy on the videos that they will add to their play list. J Records did have some plans, some discussion regarding video treatments for ISH. However, the song did not perform well enough to justify J Records going forward with a video for the song. To the best of my understanding, this policy does not apply only to O-Town.” I’m guessing that since ‘I Showed Her’ unfortunately flopped, a video won’t be made.

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